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    Finally finished !! Some time ago I posted a preview on my site..but now am happy to show the final images. It’s a personal project based on a excisting project from BAK Arquitectos, Casa Levels. http://www.plataformaarquitectura.cl/cl/02-104269/casa-levels-bak-arquitectos The goal for this project was to study dusk - evening scenes with artificial interior and exterior lightning, and to create the "Perfect" mood. The exterior lightning was done with several Hdri, to find just the right mood. You can find those Hdri here: https://kennett-digital.myshopify.com/collections/all. As always made w
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    Thx Subale, will do that with a next personal project
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    My annual trip to Venice for State of Art Academy Day #5 is not far away now(less then one month). I decided to start for myself a new personal work for my portfolio with the idea of a Loft located in Venice, The Venice Loft. I was looking for a different style, not similar to our daily work with modern and minimalist design but a cosy one, a retro rustic, place with soft colors where I could stay for a long time. It turned out to be a lot of fun as well as a bit of a technical challenge, cause i wanted to model everything(almost everything:) from scratch. The lighting is provided by a V-Ray
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    Hi all, Astridhof Residence is situated in beautiful wooded surroundings in Belgium. The design and positioning of the building is fully focused on the south-western open space. The building nestles as it were, against the tall trees line. The building forms a continuous integral with a slight bend that is based on the shape of the terrain. Due to the short side to bordering the beech lane creates a clear interaction between the two with respect to the historical drove. Architects: VEELAERT ARCHITECTEN Software used: Max2014, Vray, Forest Pack Pro, Railclone, MightyTiles and PS
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    An old scene modified for Christmas. Done with 3d studio max 2014, Vray 2.40, ForestPack. Merry Christmas to all) high res: http://imageshack.us...0/5681/viia.jpg High res:http://imageshack.us...5/2823/qhc3.jpg
  6. WAW, I am absolutely honored and grateful for receiving the Best Of di Treddi.com for my work "Roces House". Many Thanks, Patric
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    Really appreciate all those kind words! thank you all
  8. thx Jordan, The floor is made with the well known floorgenerator, all the vagetation is made with Forest Pack Pro.
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    Hi all, House Roces by Govaert & Vanhoutte architectuurburo in Bruges, Belgium. Belgian Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects‘ project Villa Roces in Bruges (Belgium) was awarded as the “Leaf Award 2012” Residential Building of the Year (single occupancy)” I was so overwelmed by this minimal design residence that I decided to model this house in 3d. software 3ds max 2013, Vray 2.30, Forest Pack Pro, Photoshop. Hope you like it!
  10. Some weeks ago Renderspirit asked me to make a “Making of” of my Have a break, which I finished in the beginning of this year. You can read the article here! Have fun.
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    After some crazy week's, time to have a break! I truly hope this never ends! max 2011, vray2.0, floorgenerator, multiscatter. Hope you all like it!
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    Hi, Recently I have started, in my spare time, a new project by seeing some references of the Levefvre house designed by Longhi, on archiwork. I will call it for myself the "K house". The house is surrounded by the ocean, a part of the house is hanging over the structure. The main goal was to improve my skill's about exterior visualisation, (I do mostly interior), finding the good POV, and of course the dusk and day lightning. . The scene is simply lit by Peter Guthrie's EXR. All the modeling was done by myself. Software; 3D MAX2010, Vray, Brix. PS: "K house", is featured in the recent is
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