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    Under is a full 3D Animation showing architectural projects through a lonely point of view. The first version of the whole animation was rendered on a single notebook, using Corona Renderer. All the scenes in this shortfilm were created from scratch firstly to be used in my new Corona Renderer Online Course, which you can find here: https://thilima.com.br/course/coronarender The greatest challenges of this animation were to figure out how to animate the flood scenes with objects interaction/movement without need make any simulations, and also how to render all the underwater scenes
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    Hey guys, here my final entry on Fstorm Challenge created by Johannes Lindqvist (thanks for the candlestick model). In fact this is my first Fstorm Render, as before it I just did some tests, clay scenes or similar. I tried to push the engine to the "limits" using strong DOF, a lot of polys, SSS, metals, glasses, translucency, a bunch of lights, etc. I´m pretty impressed on how solid it is. (More than I already knew). It was just a 1 day job from scratch... I hope you like it crops
  3. hahahahahahaha a good one. 1 - start modeling 2 - render 3 - put the girls in post production Easy ahuuhauhauhahuaa
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    Hey guys thanks a lot for the comments. I´m really reeeeeeaaaaally happy to win the BEST OF 2015. If you have some questions about the scenes just ask ok? :)
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    The Modern Pinups work is about a personal & non-commercial CG work. I´ve really pushed to the limits all of my 3D and Post Production Skills. On every new scene I´ve tried to increase the challenge level, specially intherms of modeling complexity and photo composition with the 3D renders. In these scenes I´ve tested a lot of different softwares and pipelines such as 3DsMax, Vray, Maxwell Render, Corona Render, Octane Render and Realflow. Each scene also has a concept, sometimes obvious and sometimes subliminal. I hope you enjoy it 1 - I´ll Be Back Challenges: Pure white frab
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    Hey folks, I wanna show you my(our) newnest work, after 25 hours render (480+ vray lights). In this case I worked together with my dear partner Daniela Donato who did the concept art, and my part was obviously the 3D version of her concept/idea. My idea on 3d wasn´t to do exactly same design of the concept art, besides that, was mix styles between realism and cartoon. I hope you like it. grazie high res: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...al_divulga.jpg
  7. Thanks everyone... Manuel84.. you will see a making of butterfly on ronen bekerman´s blog very soon, hope you like it
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    Mcri yes.. my project thanks a lot here you can see the modeling part 1 part 2
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    The training just for now will be spoken in Brazilian portugues, the reason is, cause in my country we dont have almost ZERO high quality training, so will be very $mart of my part to make the training first for Brasil. In a second moment (maybe to finish in july... I´ll make a version in english) So Ill call you if youre interested thanks a lot again
  10. Mat Evil, I used the still images and made the short in 2 days. yes is very similar to alex roman, but wasnt the idea compare with him or do something better. Alex Roman video took him 4 years and mine just 2 days, theres no comparision. Im not a "wannabealexroman" I hate derivated jobs but in this case the video is just a teaser to announce my new Vray training so I just did it in two days without thinking so much about the "story telled". The close ups were not to copy alex but to show details of shaders, textures and mapping, things that I gonna teach in my training, just it. P
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    100000000000000 THANKS TO EVERYONE.... SPECIALLY TO TREDDI TO GIVE ME THIS INCREDIBLE BEST OF PRIZE. I LOVE AND WILL EVER KEEP SPREADING THIS AMAZING FORUM. YOURE THE BEST. Well giona, first of all thanks a lot. I spent on the whole project almost one year because of the zero free time. I was working inside a great 3d advertising company so there wasn´t spare time. I had like 10 minutes of working per night, but I think If I was focused just on it I could finish it in 3, 4 months. The render times were fast. 1 or other image takes me 10, 14 hours.. but the most part was like 1 hour
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