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    Hallo,i want to share with you my last project,vizualization of sofa studio. I hope you like it!!! Regards Armandi
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    Hallo friends ,this is my last work,i wanned make a almost indentical render like "Wire Pedestal Sink" Designed by Hidra... This is the original render made by Macumba80 and SOLID. ... and the following are my renders I hope you like it!! Regards
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    Hallo,friends,sorry if i dont understrand what exactly you want to tell me,but i dont know Italian and use google translate!!! I understand what you meens about the floor is flan, couse u dont use bump,may bi is wrong but ..... This Images was created for "Perla Competition",but as i wasnt resident of Italy cant join it,i have [W.I.P]thread in forum but the admin told me that,and I am very sorry for that The renders is made with 3ds max 2011 gamma 2.2 ,vray 2.0 and PS! (sorry for my english but is not so good) Anyway Thanks for comment and critics Best Regard!! Armandi
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    Anyway, i will continued... first test is out! http://s935.photobucket.com/albums/ad192/armandi_01/?action=view&current=test_01.jpg
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    ....Why i miss this.. information!!...how disappointing!!!
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    Thank you Silver,i'm glad to like you! regards
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    Hi,friends,I'm glad to join in this challange,this is my idea..!!!
  8. Hi! all except chair,sofa and dishes is modeling by me ,time for project 10h without render!
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    Hallo,this is my last project for my custemer,kitchen in classic style!Hope you like it Regards!
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    Hallo.this is my last work!! I hope you like it! 3ds max 2009,Vray,PS
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