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  1. JezUK

    First Impressions About The Book.

    Hello everyone, I thought I too would put down here my thoughts about this vRay book ! I invested in it without hesitation despite the fact that I'd actually been away from 3D graphics work for 5 years. I learnt fairly rapidly upon my recent return to 3D visualisation that vRay was the rendering engine I needed to learn, but last time I used 3DS Max, GI wasn't even on the radar (I last used 3DS Max 4 now I'm on 3DS Max Design 2009). Judging from the volume, screen shots etc I'd seen on the Web, I could see that it was created from a passion, and felt almost obliged that an effort of that magnitude (sweat) deserved my Euros, without hesitation. I felt duty bound even. It was not a time to 'ummm' and 'ahhh'. Like others have already said, I too can only repeat my sheer amazement when I received the tome by the courier. How much (perhaps) obsessive effort, from a perfectionist, must have gone into creating this masterpiece, only Francesco will truly know. In retrospect it comes as no surprise that it would take the passion of an Italian (I'm not Italian !) to create this great piece of work. Because it has been created meticulously, like a beautiful Italian sculpture or wonderful piece of Italian art. The Page Layout is outstanding - everything is where it should be. The level of detail is astounding, there is NO image left out. One is never left with the impression that not enough examples were done, or that some were missed ! In fact quite the opposite. The translation is unbelievable. The text is rich and deep. Yes, there are some errors here and there, but the fact that this complicated subject was translated at all is again another mind-boggling feat (the errors which do exist, lie mainly in the headings, silly spelling mistakes which do not detract from the complex explanations / subject matter - strange, you'd have thought it would be the other way around !). I could go on and on, but the truth is I'm actually studying the book right now and need to get back to it !!! I sincerely hope for Francesco that he is rewarded in life in abundance (not necessarily monetarily) for all the good he has done in the world with this remarkable book. He has made many, many people happy and better informed, and for myself he has shown me what is humanly possible if you remain doggedly determined until your objective is complete. Well done Francesco ! Kindest regards, JezUK P.S. I too wondered about the lack of an Index, but funnily, I actually feel it's better without - the book is so logically laid out that what you are looking for will be where you'd expect it to be via the Contents page.