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  1. pfx

    Vray Book

    I ordered the book on Saturday over the net and it was there on my desk at work when I get back from lunch the following Friday. Pretty good service, especially when I'm on the other side of the world in Australia. As others have mentioned the book is very comprehensive. The area of immediate interest to me is all the camera settings that have been introduced to the rendering workflow. Coming from a non-photographic background, this added an extra challenge for me in learning VRay. I'm happy to say that the book goes to quite some length to explain camera settings. Francesco takes the approach of assuming little or no prior knowledge on the part of the user. This means everyone can approach this book, and VRay, and choose a point of entry that corresponds with their knowledge. Flicking through the book it appears that all other topices have been covered in the same depth. An extra bonus is the short history on computers and software at the front. Being a Cinema 4d user I hope that a special area will be set up on this forum to cater to our needs - file/scene sharing and conversons etc. Thankyou Franceso for producing this much needed resource for VRay users. PFX