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  1. krolldesign

    Vray External House

    Hello Mercy! Yes, You are right!! Sorry for that, and let´s rendering... Best Regards!!! Dan Kroll
  2. krolldesign

    Vray External House

    here is the max print screen from this render:
  3. krolldesign

    Vray External House

    Thank you vry much! Here in Brazil, we do this render for customers around: USS 420,00 How much iin Europe, a render like that costs to do? Chers! Dan K
  4. krolldesign

    Vray External House

    Hello again.. My second render, and nw, an external one. Just vray sun cam and sky.. Thanks!! Best Regards Da kroll
  5. krolldesign

    My Bathroom

    Hello! Yes, My image is a kind like monocromatic.. the ligh is 5pm light, using the vray sun, sky and camera. So, I did this on purpose. I try to use the realflow do make the water too, but, I have to study it a little more.. Thanks! Dan kroll
  6. krolldesign

    My Bathroom

    Hello guys! My name is Daniel kroll, I am Brazillian, and I am using 3d max with Vray render. My first scene here, is a bathroom, that i "try" to copy from Francesco´s bathroom. I used vray sun, sky and that´s all about lighting. yes.. Francesco is the best, but trying doing his cene, makes me understaind very new stuff. Sorry my Englis.. and let´s render! Best Regards. Daniel kroll www,