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  1. thank you. sky is vray sky . sun is vray light sphere outside render settings average medium IR map, 1000 for light cash nothing special. just noise treshhold 0.005 and amount 0.5 cheers
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    hi, my last commercial work. done for one good swiss 3d company ) design and vis is mine, sone in 3d max and vray. cheers
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    Hi to all, want to share some of my commercial works, design and viz is mine. hope you like it ) cheers.
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    Hi want to share my last work, not commercial, just some tests. done in max 2013 vray and ps more renders and tutorials on my site 3dmitri.com cheers.
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    thanks asalalp, i ask my designer about that. room with chair is for 19 years boy, i think it good for study http://www.360.ru/goods/0/0/0/103992/
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    hi all, some stuff from my commercial works. my part is 3d only but i am interested in criticism of the design, too. C&C on English please. cheers
  7. http://img252.imageshack.us/i/scene.jpg/ here is final
  8. Hi, final willbe ready tommorow. thanks for comments one more time
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