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  1. zuliban

    Varenna Kitchen

    ciao questi e il mio ultimo lavoro a maxwell, il disegno di cucina di varenna sorry for my italian additional views- meshes-
  2. zuliban

    2 Wips

    thx to all modeling only whit max polymodeling yes, maxwell on test renders MysticMan im from mexico
  3. zuliban

    2 Wips

    i used maxwell in the wips-and grass created in ornatrix using as geometry so maxwell can understand it
  4. zuliban

    2 Wips

    hi guys 2 scenes in working on very early wip- a character and an arch scene inspired in tadao ando architecture - grettings to neo for the invitation to this great forum
  5. zuliban

    Corpo Umano

    realy nice start! u need to add more polys to control the cage and get rid of the non 4 sides polys