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  1. akiefer

    First Impressions About The Book.

    Hello Francesco, I totally agree with Felix! This is a very in depth book about VRay and studyong this tome will enable the reader to fully understand and apply his knowledge to VRay renders based on knowledge and not on guess work anymore. Lots of empirical data in there that literally saves me hundres of hours trying to figure this all out myself. A great value for money and a blessing that it's in English too now! Albert Kiefer visual designer xxx Netherlands
  2. akiefer

    First Impressions About The Book.

    Very true 1050 pages is one of the biggest books now in my library (execpt my fiction Lord of the Rings trilogy ) I admire the very hard you have put into explaining all the technical facets of the renderer. I am sure I will learn a lot from this definitive resource and I will contact my editor in chief of the dutch DZone magazine ( to ask if I can write a review on the book for tha magazine. Have a great holidays and best wishes for the new year! Albert
  3. akiefer

    First Impressions About The Book.

    Hello Francesco, Thank you for making this fantastic book available to english language!! I am a Mac OS X and Cinema 4D user of VRay and find your resource invaluable for in depth study of the VRay renderer. I am missing two important things in the book at this moment: IES discussion I was hoping to get a more in depth discussion in use of IES lights in VRay but found no info? It looks like VRay is a lot more complete on PC than on Mac since some shaders are not available on the Mac version. Also some of the filters are named differently on Mac than on PC (maybe due to connection with Max v.s. Cinema 4D) Maybe you can point me to some resources for more info on the IES usage and also on a resource that explains differences between Mac and PC VRay? Thank you very much! Albert Kiefer visual designer