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  1. cat dancing

    Vary New Sss Map

    HI ALL I wonder if i can get some help using this map I hv used it as tranceluciant map in VRAYMTR but its not working as I expected Any tip how to make it work ?
  2. cat dancing

    [Vray] - Tutorial Of Refract Material

    as always its a great pleasure to read and learn from your exquisite tutorials
  3. cat dancing

    Some Training On Face Expressions

    yes you are right he still look stiff in the forhead area, and its looks like the eyes show less expresion then in reality. thanks
  4. cat dancing

    Some Training On Face Expressions

    I will love to hv critic also tip and " how to " I did it manualy and that was a very frusterating process.
  5. cat dancing

    G-light Tutorial

    great work thnx for sharing your knowledg for the record since I use translator to understad when you people say gi_light you mean 3ds max photometrics light?
  6. cat dancing

    Xfrog + Vray

    thanks very imppresive
  7. cat dancing

    Jazz Singer

    she is a dall my compliments great work and very good reference keep the goog work
  8. cat dancing


    very impresive work love the details and the wild imagination
  9. cat dancing

    Rearing Horse

    hi guys it took me some time to get back how are you ? i am in a middle of a new project modeling a rearing horse i startes with a very plan modeling 1 then i reig it to a position i liked 2 and start working on the details 3 its a very massy way of working but since i luck the knowlage of doing mussles and animate then it was the only way i could do it here my work till now will love to hear your comments
  10. cat dancing


    my render test with vray
  11. cat dancing

    Adriana Lima 2.0

    great work Learner88 keep it coming
  12. cat dancing


  13. cat dancing


  14. cat dancing


    thx Learner88 but the fact i can push up some butttom on vray doesnt make me a big renderer lol btw most of what i know of vray is from some great tutorial here. i 'm amazed of the quality of rendering . quite rar to see so many people that master this skile in one place. back to my problems i tryed vray sss material for micky face ...... and vray light neon faced material for the lamp bely. i know it can be better with some glow should i add it i using VP asumming it can be doen? add it in post prudaction in PS ? is it a way to do it via vray? ok now the wier
  15. cat dancing

    Adriana Lima Della Tim

    you are so good!!! my compliments great model, great skin shader and texure work ( amaising nipples btw ) how are you going to model the hair?