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  1. nilsie

    The Complete Guide In English

    You can not buy it by going to the shop. Normally when you pre-orderded it, you should have got an email with a direct link to buy the book.
  2. nilsie

    The Complete Guide In English

    I think it"s not for sale yet. Only people who pre-orderd the book can buy it allready. I hope i'm correct Niels
  3. nilsie

    Shipments Question

    Cecofuli, Tnx for keeping us updated. Nice to see that the books will allmost arrive. I can't wait. My regards Niels
  4. nilsie

    Bank Transfer

    I've sent you a PM. Tnx again; Niels
  5. nilsie

    Bank Transfer

    Hey cecofuli; I used this description with my bank transfer. Do i get a confirmation that the payment arrived? And do we also get the code to follow the package? My regards, Niels
  6. Hi Cecofuli, So if i read this well, the first copies will be sent out next week? Is it possible to get an invoice with a Tax Number because i will buy it for my company. Thanks a lot Niels