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  1. Archviz_Endurance_01

    Thanks for the feedback. I've updated with real furniture now.
  2. Archviz_Endurance_01

    A WAR ArchViz Challenge? lol? Final one. Sleep time now...
  3. Archviz_Endurance_01

    A quick night test. I really need to model some decent furniture one day.
  4. Archviz_Endurance_01

    Hi ytsejam - thank you, yes V-Ray for Maya. Here's another update, a different view this time. That paintfx foliage is looking really good. So many poly's! It's crazy. The wheat/gass is spot on.
  5. Archviz_Endurance_01

    I'm not sure, hopefulyy i can get some spare time
  6. Archviz_Endurance_01

    Hi, Sorry I don't speak Italian but found this challenge and think it's a good one! Anyway, the concept is in an Australian desert and the gorgeous colours it can produce at sunset. (I do not think this is a practical house though...too many snakes and flies in real life )