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  1. xDream3D

    Aramis Bedset.

    Aramis Bedset by Giorgio Fatouro. Another interior commercial project in which we tried to give a photorealistic sense but also a moody atmosphere. Hope that you like it! Software: 3ds Max - V-Ray - Ps. xDream3D - Design Studio
  2. xDream3D

    Davinci Bed Set.

    Thanks a lot pugla! I think that it is all about subdivisions . A nice Hdri at the beginning, lots of subdivisions added on both materials and lighting, also some High resolution maps and finally a carefully postproduction with a sharpen filter at the end...
  3. xDream3D

    Davinci Bed Set.

    Davinci Bed Set by Giorgio Fatouro. Hi guys, this is my last commercial project. C&C are always welcome! Software: 3ds Max - V-Ray - Ps. xDream3D - Design Studio
  4. xDream3D

    Eiffel Bed Set.

    This project materialized for a furniture company. We tried to achieve a realistic result as it will be promoted on the web & some magazines. We hope that you like it, C&C are welcome. Software: 3ds Max - V-Ray - Ps.
  5. Sure it is but I'm not resposible for this issue
  6. Thanks a lot guys! As this project has been created more than two years ago and if I remember well, Lighting was several exr+Vray sun from Peter Guthrie. Just a tip some of them worked with intensity 0.5 and a lot of contrast in frame buffer curves Actually the final result has a lot of PS effort!
  7. xDream3D

    Villa in Porto Heli

    Hi guys, This project has been created a few years ago. I tried to give different moods testing my Ps skills. C&C are welcome. Software: 3ds Max -V-Ray - Ps.
  8. xDream3D

    Room 231.

    Hi guys, I created this small interior project practicing on some materials and lighting. The main work was for a client and concerns a Hotel room in Mykonos island. This time I didn't use reinhard as usual but Linear multiply. I hope that you like it, feel free to comment! Software: 3ds Max - V-Ray - Ps.
  9. Thank you all guys! The curtains are from Thi Lima models on Turbosquid. Really cheap and a lot of different curtains but not vray material. The bricks are handmade texture and displacement map. The floor is a map from Extreme Textures, I only changed it's saturation and color using Photoshop. About Lighting you can see my making of House in Giannitsa at Ronen's Blog. Is very similar to this one... http://www.ronenbeke...e-in-giannitsa/ also you can read my article on Vray World about light in 3D Photography. It may help you in someway
  10. xDream3D

    Pashal Apartment.

    Hi guys, Pashal apartment is a commercial project I designed last week. It's about a renovation of an old house in which we had to keep some elements as the stone, piano and simple ceiling. The target was to combine country and minimal decoration style using white and brown hues. I hope that you like it, comments are always welcome.
  11. Thanks a lot Yes I put a black & white texture to have smoother edges on the lighted surface. Good eye
  12. xDream3D

    Bic Training Space.

    A Commercial interior project we did for a client, Hope you like it, C&C are always welcome. Software: 3ds Max - V-Ray - Ps. Company: xDream3D Website:
  13. Grazie a tutti per i vostri commenti
  14. Grazie ragazzi soprattutto per le note utili. Sono contento che ti piaccia. Qui potete leggere la mia making of.
  15. xDream3D

    House in Giannitsa

    In the project – House in Giannitsa, we were asked to work on a design style which does not suit us, the neoclassical. Our proposition was to combine a few modern lines with clean-cut ones mostly in constructions and furniture so that the final result would be more appealing to the young couple.