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Tharik Mohammed

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  • Compleanno 01/01/1986

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    Impiegato (Employee)
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    Architectural Visualization
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    3ds Max
  1. Loft Interior

    Loft Interior This is a Personal project I've worked on during my free time, I used 3dsMax, Vray, Lightroom and Photoshop. The lighting of the scene is a V-Ray Dome light with an HDRI, linked with a V-Ray Sunlight to get shadows. I used Photoshop for the first post-production session , adding render elements to improve reflections , contrasts ,brightness, and Different blending modes. Final Post-Production used Lightroom. Hope you enjoy! Tharik.M
  2. Lake House

    Hi all , Lake House this is my lastest personal project. I hope you like my work and share your comments.
  3. Bedroom View

    Hi All., My Latest Personal project ,please Share your comments . Software : 3d max , V-Ray and Photoshop. (Interior reference Image from Google.) Thanks
  4. Bedroom View

    Thanks Dave
  5. Bedroom View

    Bedroom View By Tharik Hi all , This is my latest personal project. I hope you like my work and share your comments . Software : 3DsMax + Vray + Photoshop Facebook :
  6. Exterior View

    Hi everyone , This is my personal project. I hope you like it. Software: 3D Max , V-Ray , Forest pro and Photoshop
  7. Scena Test MatEvil 1