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    Urban Contrast | Dark Band Studio Five seconds after the first submission for the D2Challenge I said: "perhaps a not aerial version might worth it". Looking around for inspiration about "horror vacui"...or something similar, I tried to bear in mind the main Hugh Ferriss guideline pairing it with astonishing attention to detail by Geof Darrow (Hard Boiled, Big Guy, The Matrix) illustrations and dramatic landscape watercolour drawings by Gipi (UnaStoria, Notes for a War Story, Land of the Sons). Check the post-production breakdown video down here. Hope you will enjoy it!!! H
  2. Molto interessante! Forse avrei utilizzato le persone in primo piano direttamnte in PS, risultano leggermente "plasticose". Per il resto bellissimo effetto di luce!
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    Barozzi Veiga is currently one of the most outstanding architecture firm all over the world is the leading actor for our new project. Inspired by Simon Menges's shot, who captured the swiss museum at dusk time still during building process but with a terrific perspective progression along the main facade. Keeping the dusk setting, but overturning the weather effect, the focus during production was on the facade brickwork tone, texture randomization and adding "natural imperfection" in post production, such as rain effect and water leakage over concrete surfaces. Hope you will enjoy the final
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    How much can you reduce the elements in a scene and still achieve a good dramatic image? Here is an experiment where we tried to keep it VERY simple! The scene includes 4 main materials (concrete sails and floor, timber benches and stage, weathered plaster, metal altar and cross) and few basic geometries (check the building steps underneath) so we hope you enjoy the final effects. This was a very funny and quick project to work on as it tested our skills in 3D and the Photoshop aspect. We used 3DS Max + Vray + Photoshop. Have a look to Dark Band Studio e-store HERE
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    “Look at the past in a critical way, not in a nostalgic one, to bring the best from the past into the future” Many times we think our previous works might look different today. Here is an example how a project designed with by Menichetti + Caldarelli on 2012 (an built on 2013) can look 8 years after. Painting in the scene is a wonderful piece of art made by Simon Ledson We used 3DS Max + Vray + Photoshop. Have a look to Dark Band Studio e-store HERE Check this out to find out more about Dark Band Studio Website: www.darkbandstudio.com Instagram:
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    House in Monsaraz | Aires Mateus For our new archviz work, we selected the amazing House in Monsaraz designed by Portuguese architect Aires Mateus and inspired by the talented architectural photographer João Guimarães. The most important target of our production is to grab and understand the contrasted relationship between this architectural impacting element and the surrounding landscape . We used 3DS Max + ForestPack + Vray + Photoshop. Full project description HERE Our first collection of 2D cutout people is available HERE Check this out to
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    Newport Street Gallery | Caruso St John Architect The third replication challenge has involved one of the newest and most interesting architecture in London, the Newport Street Gallery designed by Caruso St John Architects and captured by Jesús Granada for El Croquis magazine. The interpretation of natural ambient light is a key point to reproduce the dramatic effect generated within the room. We used 3DS Max + Vray + Photoshop. Full project and making of HERE Dark Band Studio first 2D cutout people collection HERE Website: www.darkbandstudio.com Instagram: w
  8. Grazie! Molto bello!!!! Per l'effetto di rilievo delle gocce hai usato una texture bump molto pronunciata????
  9. Atomico! Making of spiegato molto bene passo dopo passo. Potresti anche dirci come hai sviluppato il materiale metallo+pioggia oppure vetro+pioggia??? Sempre con il Corona Layered material???
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    Ciao a tutti!!! Ho preparato una collection dei materiali principali usati per la scena di JY House, che trovare qui: https://gumroad.com/darkbandstudio#flywg Tutte i materiali sono compatibili con Vray e 3DS MAX 2016 (o superiore) ed includono tutte le textures in alta risoluzione. La prima collection by Dark Band Studio include: Cemento (pavimento) Legno di palissandro (pannelli verticali) Rame (lampade) Metallo grezzo (infissi) Acqua (piscina) E molti altri....... Inoltre, troverete i nostri altri blocchi qui: https://gumroad.com
  11. Dark Band Studio

    Shadow: creare ombre con Photoshop

    Allora, scaricato e testato. Come potete vedere dal test che ho fatto le ombre che vengono generate sulle immagini delle persone risultano essere scostate a seconda dell'angolo, quindi ogni volta devo scollegare i due layers e ricollegari. Possibile che sbagli qualcosa io nei settings???? Per il momento attenderei un attimo a comprarla perche' mi sembra ancora in stato embrinale al quale si devono applicare molti miglioramenti (provo a contattare lo sviluppatore nel frattempo per capire se sono miei errori o ci sono dei bug irrisolti). Per ora una valid
  12. thumb
    JY House | Studio Arthur Casas Inspired by the wonderful JY House, designed by Studio Arthur Casas (real pictures here) from Brazil and captured by the master of architectural photography Fernando Guerra | FG+SG. This time we have decided to interpret the warm vibe starting from the original picture hoping you will like the final result. We used 3DS + Vray + Photoshop, furthermore, FloorGenerator modifier. 3Ds Max + Vray + Photoshop Website: www.darkbandstudio.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/darkbandstudio Youtube: www.youtube.com/darkbandstudio
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