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  1. My Latest Character

    you are abosolutely right. i will do it once i have time. right now i have passed to the clothes modelling stage. cheers!
  2. My Latest Character

    new one thx a lot for reply lauran as u can see the pose changed a bit
  3. My Latest Character

    something new i'm working on
  4. My Latest Character

    lauranonce, now i know yes , fede only told me after i posted my last reply thx for the compliment, i saw ur work, very nice!
  5. My Latest Character

    trokij can u give me a link?
  6. My Latest Character

    kage is a work coleague of mine he can confirm the fact that i didnt use any ref you certainly will, i'm trying to learn italian and because ur speakin english ur not heping me alot
  7. My Latest Character

    lol trokij, i never did a head tutorial lauranonce, i didnt use any ref, just a feeling i had inside led to this. i wanted to obtain this type of face
  8. Digital Sphinx

    hey dude, i already told u my opinion on ur model, i think it is fabulous, but i also think ppl will not be extremely impressd with it untill u render it... cheers
  9. My Latest Character

    alora ho fato modificazioni su la topologia e ho completata che mancava a le mani could you guys correct me when i'm wrinitng incorrectly? thx here it is
  10. My Latest Character

    grazie fede, anche tu sei un grande
  11. My Latest Character

    grazie per tutto ragazzi, ritornero con altri imagini piu tardi i'm trying to learn italian, so this is the right place to start usgin it. ciao! grazie
  12. My Latest Character

    hello everyone i was told by a friend that this is a good forum so i decided to post my new wip here. modeling done in max and xsi teh cage is absolute crap since it is still an early model and the anatomy is i'd say 35% from where it should be in the end hope u like