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  1. Brent

    Samurai Helmet

    thanks everyone,you`ve all been very nice. Ive tried submitting to the gallery,but I get an error every time so I don`t know:(
  2. Brent

    Samurai Helmet

    thanks When I work I tend to try to always work and model as a flat plane object. Then bend and modify afterwards.So aside from the dome and the dogs face everything is modelled and textured as a flat plane.Once they are mapped and textured I then use modifiers[bend-twist-taper] to put them into the correct shape.I also use FFD quite a bit. The dome is just 1 section with array set to 360 degrees. The dog is poly modelled,and the scrolls are renderable splines. The leaves are poly modelled.The rosettes and leaves also have a displacement map applied to them. Texture wise the dog is procedural texture,the brass is procedural,everything else is painted in photoshop. I tend to prefer to work with dense meshes,so the wire looks a little messy:) here is a viewport snapshot
  3. Brent

    Samurai Helmet

    Hello Here is another image for your viewing. I made this about 1 year ago,then I used 3dsMax5 and rendered in Brazil 1.0 I made the model to practice my detail work. I hope you like it,comments are more than welcome:)
  4. Brent

    After A Rain

    thanks for all the comments and rating. Thanks Laura,you`ve been a good help. Ive been checking your work...very nice:)
  5. Brent

    After A Rain

    thanks Laura I guess it`s escaping me.... Do I use "new image" tab and then link to the post in 3d final? sorry for the confusion....
  6. Brent

    After A Rain

    thanks again guys Ill try to explain the drops better:) I took my own photo of drops on my own window at home. It works best if you have high contrast in your photo.Greys and whites or blacks and whites. I took the render of max into photoshop,and added the new layer of the drops photo. I went into layer-blending modes and played with the blending and opacity options and kept the shape of the drops but erased the background so just a sort of mask of the drops remained. I then pasted this new drop image onto the render and erased parts that weren`t needed. It`s easy to do but kinda hard to explain:) I wanted also to ask about the gallery as it was mentioned. Do I submit to the gallery or does it get voted in? thanks again
  7. Brent

    After A Rain

    thanks guys the drops are "not" geometry they are a texture. I made a vray glass with a simple dirt mask for the edges. I made a homemade picture of drops on my own window,and in photoshop edited the picture to show the drops. I used blending transparency in photoshop to keep the droplets but remove the bckgnd of my personal photo. So in the render image the drops remain keeping the bkgnd image of the render and not the bkgnd image of my photo. Hope that makes sence...:)
  8. Brent

    After A Rain

    Hello Here is a new work of 3dsMax8 and V-ray Comments are welcomed
  9. hi Luca the image is about 1 year old,it`s been around other forums before,I just found this forum about 1 month ago,so it`s new here in a sence but actually it is old:) hi Niki good to see you also.yeah Im working on a very big project now.It will take a lot of my time,but a WIP may come soon:)
  10. Brent

    --girl With Guns--

    Here`s a project Im working on,well off and on:) Work in Max8 as usual Comments welcome
  11. thanks Satan....I understand now...
  12. Brent

    3dmax [lienta]

    here is another image Made in 3dsMax5 and Brazil 1.0 I made it to practice textures thanks
  13. Yes,I appologise for not speaking Italian,but Im unable except for a few general words. I just want to share my works. I have others if anyone is interested to see. Thanks for comments Wire:
  14. Brent

    Girl In Black And White

    Ciao My work of 3dsmax and vray thank-you