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  1. xavalon

    Waiting The Sun: 3d Max+vray

    Summer... Sea... Sun... Girls... What are you thinking?
  2. xavalon

    Factor X

    Mate, amazing models and works...Fantastic!
  3. Well done mate. Great ambiance and lighting... Cong.
  4. Molti ringraziamenti per vostri tutti gli osservazioni e consiglio. Im che funziona troppo con il massimo. Ma Im già dilettante. Im così spiacente per il mio italiano. Poiché uso il translater. Gli inglesi di scrittura Im che traducono ad italiano. Riguardi
  5. Thanks mate. You can find venus here:
  6. Your advice and comments welcome. What are you thinking?
  7. Thank you mate. Why red chair? The red chair is a symbol. Mean our loneliness. Or our fears.
  8. This one. Im just working. Maybe you can give advice... What are you thinking?
  9. Thank you. I was use HDRI for reflection. And you are right about grass.
  10. Thank you mate. I was try to use displace but the render was take a long time... And I was solve the texture problem my second render.
  11. Hi my Italian mates. Thank you for your all comments and advice. This one.Im already working.
  12. Sorry mate. I know you are Italian And I love Italians. You are master of the design world with every concept. Veni, Vidi, Vici... (Is it correct?)
  13. xavalon

    Hdri+vray Test

    This one... What are you thinking?
  14. xavalon

    Re-lighting Vray

    Hi mates. Thank you for your advice and comments to my previous works. My last work relighting with vray.I hope you like... Regards 1. 2. 3.
  15. Thanks mate. Yes very static room. Because this is a my livingroom. So concept is for me.