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  1. Vray Tasta La Tua Cpu Con Vray

    This test is from the largest hungarian hardware site... Also impressive results
  2. Vray Tasta La Tua Cpu Con Vray

    Wow! Wonderfull result! Better than I expected! 3800X2@2500-2600mhz generaly cannot do better than 5.30. E6400 allendale with a giga ds3 board can easily do 3200mhz which is (if the don't calculate with 2mb cache) means 2.30!! So if I compare almost the two cheapest models and overclocked them, intel is 2,2 times faster than AMD and it costs only about 30% more... This time intel roxx... I'm looking forward an OCed test on a "smaller" core 2 duo (E6300, E6400) because they are very good in price/performance ratio..
  3. Vray Tasta La Tua Cpu Con Vray

    Yeah that's true but some luky ones can have it before the official selling and I heard that it can be bought on ebay. E6600 costs 550$....
  4. Vray Tasta La Tua Cpu Con Vray

    Anyone have here a conore (E6600 or E6700) to test in vray? I think it will be the best render cpu in this year! An overclocked E6600 can even beat a dualcore dual opteron and it costs much less...
  5. Vray Tasta La Tua Cpu Con Vray

    I've tested in real word situation, my current job... complex scene, high poly, lot of object, differenet shaders ect... Same settings but the result was darker and not only a little! Render time was almost the same only a few percent faster! I started to tweak the settings and it act different than 1.47! It was difficult to achive the same result and the render was more slower.... So I think it is not faster at all! Moreover it makes sometimes wierd GI...
  6. Vray Tasta La Tua Cpu Con Vray

    Hi! I'am very interested in this topic but unfortunately I can't speak your language:) I hope I can talk to someone... I read:) that you have tested not only the machines but the new vrays (1.48.03, 1.50.06) also and you noticed speed improovements... It is the same by me: 1.48.03 is 10-20% faster than 1.47.03! That's great but there are some quality issues! The images are almost the same but look at theme carefully! The 1.48.03 differs: irradinace map looks awfull at some places, the reflection are a bit wierd and the most important, it is darker! Mostly in interioir scenes darker images computes faster and my experinece is that the hardest thing is to get more light in the darker areas.... Other words: when you want to get similar brightness the 1.48.03 is not faster but slower than 1.47.03, not menthioning that I get awful GI when I tried to increase the light. Some images would be greate... but I don't have right now... Ohh and my results (1.47.03): 3800+ x2, 2gb, 2000mhz -> 6,45min 3800+ x2, 2gb, 2500mhz -> 5,30min