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  1. ruixgomes

    Render Passes

    hi, i´m trying to render some passes, i have several area lights in the scene with mia_photometric + ies profile, but the diffuse pass only show me one of the lights...the original render is fine. everything looks good, but when i open in Nuke the .exr file, the Diffuse and Beaty pass, don´t show all light projection!! the top image is the original and the other is it´s diffuse pass. thanks p.s. sorry my english...:-)
  2. ruixgomes

    Render passes

    hi, I'm trying to render a simple exr file (diffuse,indirect, reflection,etc.), but when i render the passes, they came with strange issues!! The original .exr is good, but the passes appear with "spikes". Oleasse ser the image attached. thanks
  3. ruixgomes

    visualization problems

    Can i change all objects at the same time? all objects are with backface culling FULL... Thanks
  4. ruixgomes

    visualization problems

    Thanks, solved
  5. ruixgomes

    visualization problems

    I noticed something weird in now, when a rotate plan 180 in Y axis, it disappears. Is there, but i can´t see it... but again, when i render, it is there
  6. ruixgomes

    visualization problems

    Hi, I was working normaly in MAYA 2010 in a interior scene, and suddenly disappeared some faces from some objects in viewport, but when i render they are well!! the attributes of the camera are fine, i uninstalled and installed maya, but always happens. already happened to someone? thanks
  7. ruixgomes


  8. ruixgomes


    Hi, Anyone knows a program like AUTORENDER from Digital Vanilla but for windows os, to render multiple files in MAYA? thanks
  9. ruixgomes

    Mia Material

    is probably a basic thing, but I did not know
  10. ruixgomes

    Mia Material

    after all when I went to test another model, has failed again, , but simply unchek, in all transparent objects, the DOUBLE SIDED in render stats and worked. And is now a certainty
  11. ruixgomes

    Mia Material

    Hi, I ask a friend to import cad file with 3dstudio max and export in FBX, it worked. All mia_materials work fine. well,i don´t understand. thanks anyway
  12. ruixgomes

    Mia Material

    Hi, I tried to export in FBX, but nothing appears when I import to maya. there is any trick? Thanks
  13. ruixgomes

    Mia Material

    Hi, But how to export in fbx in autocad 2010? Thanks
  14. ruixgomes

    Mia Material

    Hello everyone, I was testing the mia_material_x in windows but give me an error. The model was exported from autocad to 3ds and imported to maya. In the images attached, in pic1 the glass is a blinn material, PIC2 applied a mia_material_x with transparency and reflections, and in pic3 i created a polygon cube to replace the glass which is an imported 3ds object, and it worked. is there any way to convert the 3ds objects so that already work with mia_materials? Thanks
  15. ruixgomes

    Mia_round Corners

    Thanks iLmale it works