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  1. moltisimo obrigado for all the coments. Car > Dosch models
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    A new house for C & C - 3dmax + vray + ps cs 2 grazie
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    A new work, this is a stand for a Beer company here in Brasil. Enjoy
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    Hi TREddi Guys, i´m making this nes building now. soon as posible i´ll post more images
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    Hi treddi people, here´s a simple texture study for another architect
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    One more model for you Model: Julio Linhares - 1 day Render: rodrível - 1 day
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    another work maded very quickly, 2 days only
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    ok guys, you can see now the other images that i maded with the first image. ALL THE IMAGES WAS MADED AT THE SAME DAY
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    Hi treddi guys, My new thread. quickly, fast and cheap!!!
  10. thats goo, what modelling mistakers are you talking?
  11. grazzie por tutti che risponderi lo mio post. lo engine e vray
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    I was made this model a few years ago I´ll post other options and customised versions later
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    I´m making this space now, but, WIP
  14. grazzie kris, io sono moltissom grato atutti la persone che mi a risposto (sorry, but i can´t speak italian very well)
  15. ok ok, i know, but i do it very very fast in a short time and when the time is over, what can i do? i really think like you, but....
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