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  1. archpunk

    A House

    moltisimo obrigado for all the coments. Car > Dosch models
  2. archpunk

    A House

    A new house for C & C - 3dmax + vray + ps cs 2 grazie
  3. bravissimo! great lavoro man!
  4. archpunk

    Kaiser Beer Stand

    A new work, this is a stand for a Beer company here in Brasil. Enjoy
  5. archpunk

    Wip - Apartament Building

    Hi TREddi Guys, i´m making this nes building now. soon as posible i´ll post more images
  6. archpunk

    Estudo Di Textura

    Hi treddi people, here´s a simple texture study for another architect
  7. One more model for you Model: Julio Linhares - 1 day Render: rodrível - 1 day
  8. archpunk

    Popular Habitation

    another work maded very quickly, 2 days only
  9. archpunk

    Market Place

    ok guys, you can see now the other images that i maded with the first image. ALL THE IMAGES WAS MADED AT THE SAME DAY
  10. archpunk

    Market Place

    Hi treddi guys, My new thread. quickly, fast and cheap!!!
  11. archpunk

    Scena Test...

    nice work man!!!!
  12. archpunk

    Lounge Bar Cap

    il nuovo lavoro
  13. archpunk

    La Mia Vespa

    one more time