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  1. Hi there ppl.... Anone knows the if the is working? Cause for me is not working.... thanx
  2. Sty

    Color Mapping In Vray

    Grazie!!!!! <---------the only word i know in italian :D Btw anyone got this scene? i would like test that if it was possible!
  3. Sty

    Primi Passi Con Realflow

    Grazie!!! Mui bueno Primi Passi!
  4. Sty

    What´s Up

    Hi there, the king of MR! Please boys, listen to this guy when he talks about MR...! He knows what he says!
  5. Sty

    What´s Up

    thanx daru for the nice words... although i am typing in english, i am from Brazil What about you?
  6. Sty

    What´s Up

    thanx guys for the nice welcome thing YES, just learned more 2 words:! Grazie = thank you Lavoro = Work Damn nice!!!
  7. Sty

    Render Di Interni In Vray

    Hey Pillus Grazie for this tutorial I got a new job just for learned that... You cant imagine the good things you made me, thank you
  8. Sty

    Uv Mapping

    Really thanx for the links, checking now Ciao
  9. Sty

    Uv Mapping

    Anyone knows a good UnwrapUVW Tutorial???
  10. Sty

    What´s Up

    Really thanx for the fast reply... i thought no one was going to reply me. that´s marvelous I ´ve learned at least 1 word: CIAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Sty

    What´s Up

    I am amazed with this forum , such great place. But i dont know a bit about italian language... Thank you moderators and members for such great place!!!