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Sushmita Roy

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Sushmita Roy's Achievements

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    3D visualization of a healthcare recliner chair.
  2. thumb
    3D visualization of a nightstand lamp table
  3. thumb
    Checkout this highly detailed photorealistic textured 3D model of a Bose headphone!
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    Fancy 3D-rendered lanterns with an intricate and attractive lifestyle background.
  5. Sushmita Roy

    Drone 3D Model

    Check out our drone 3D design with a white and lifestyle background renders.
  6. Sushmita Roy

    Sofa 3D Design

    Check out these high-quality renders of a luxury sofa model with a natural-looking texture, replicating leather and linen materials. * Detailed textures * High details on wrinkles and creases
  7. thumb
    Checkout this rendered shoe 3D model with attractive background.
  8. Sushmita Roy

    Chair 3D Model

    Check out my recent 3D chair design.
  9. Sushmita Roy

    Watch 3D Model

    Check out our meticulously rendered watch 3D model. Explore its minute details and textures against an attractive background.
  10. thumb
    Check out this kids bedroom interior design with accurate details.
  11. thumb
    Check out one of my recent work samples of living room sofas.
  12. thumb
    Check out my recent work sample of a detailed swivel chair 3D model with reflection, shadow, and natural-looking texture placed in a photo-realistic 3D lifestyle background.
  13. thumb
    Checkout my recent work sample of a 3D sculpted masterpiece with 100% natural texture and shine, ultra-realistic organic contours, perfect blend of light & shadow.
  14. thumb
    Check out my recent work sample of a lamp 3D design with detailed render, texture, and lighting.
  15. thumb
    Checkout my recent work sample of a premium-grade chair 3D render with a clean white background. Stunning 3D model of a cozy and comfortable upholstered chair with multi-angle views! - White background render - 100% fabric texture - Color variations - Model variations - Multi-angle views
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