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    Hi guys! Happy to show you the final image! Here you can see a Venus high-rise building with 100-storeys height. Yes, this was done as a 3d architectural rendering service for the concept. But I hope we will have the opportunity to see something like that really built in future!
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    Happy to present you my new image of «Venus» 3d architectural rendering. Here you can see it is located in Brussel. Hope this not little building looks good in such an old city. What do you think?
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    This is 3d architectural exterior rendering with more close view on unique high-rise building - Skyscraper «Venus»! A few more images can be found here
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    Hi to all! One more concept 3d architectural exterior rendering of «Venus» building. As you can see we add classic rectangular building behind «Venus» figure. A few more shots.
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    One city - one image! Miami is well known over the world, so we would like to have a look at how this Venus will "stand" here. What do you think?) Project page
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    Hi to all who were waiting for new building renderings, here is it! This is a single detached dwelling with pinky facades. It is for 1 family to live.
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    I wanted to show this building in a more artistic way, so I used blue sky with sunset in the left part and orange light in the lower part. Long blue shadows add evening mood to this building rendering.
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    That's a fine place to have a rest in summer evening;) Good time to spend in family circle with a couple of tea. Take a look at all flowers are surrounding this place.
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    Yep! That's me again! Have a look at this timber-glass house. Fir-trees show aerial perspective. Interiors are seen inside. Like this image!
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    Hi guys, new image for you! Evening view of forest house. This picture is painted by light)
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    Hi! Happy to publish my new images! Here is a frame building house for one family. I prepare a night view that will be gorgeous!
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    There is an interior design rendering for the open-space living room. Warm colors and natural materials is a way to make your home a place where u can escape from a big city)
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    Hi guys!Here you can see a great room, open space for dining, a zone for some rest and talks, kitchen. Ceiling wonderful, isn't it?
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    This is a living room 3d rendering shot from kitchen view. Calm mood, lovely and relaxing colors - this is what we tried to achieve in Provence style. My website
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    This is a close view of a dinner space in a great room.
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