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  1. Discover music and download the greatest songs - Jiomusic Get JioMusic installed on your mobile phone and immensely enjoy a massive library of high-quality songs all over the world. Try it out for free on Android. Generally, people often listen to music only to reduce stress after hard-working hours. Still, it also has more amazing positive effects. Improve sports activities Choosing the right music will help you start practicing walking, running, dancing, or any sports activity more easily. Music can make sport more like a hobby than a job. Moreover, music improves physical activity. Many people said that when they were just playing and listening to music, time went faster. Increase productivity Listening to fun music is a great way to get more energy. Music can effectively eliminate tension caused by monotonous work or due to physical activity. Keep in mind that listening to too much hard rock can make you restless rather than energetic. So, try to listen to a variety of music and find the genre that best suits you. Also, music can significantly improve your productivity. According to a report in the journal Neuroscience of Behavior and Physiology, the ability to perceive images, including letters and numbers, is faster when they listen to rock music or classical music. Music helps reduce the risk of depression More than 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression; lots of them often find it difficult to go to sleep. Many studies showed that the symptoms of depression were significantly reduced for those who listened to classical music before going to bed. A study by an expert in Germany has also illustrated that music is beneficial for depressed patients, but it depends on the genre. Light music and classical music help raise your mood, while digital music and strong music often make your emotions worsen. Generally, there are lots of benefits if you listen to music regularly. Also, that’s the reason why the music industry is booming more than ever. Accordingly, a wide range of applications on portable devices have been developed in order to satisfy the massive needs of people all over the world. Although there are no lack of music streaming apps out there, few can offer users a massive library with the greatest songs from most countries all over the world. Luckily, Jiomusic - a successful product of Reliance Jio can do this. It’s time to go into details. If you want to find out more Music making apps, please come to our store. Key features Music for each individuals With Jiomusic, a huge world of music is at your fingertips. The library of more than 45 million songs across Bollywood absolutely blows your mind. Easily search for any genre, artists or songs you love and enjoy anytime and anywhere. Useful recommendation when you get stuck If you have no idea what to listen to, Jiomusic can give you some positive suggestions. For example, on Monday, Jiomusic might give you an energetic playlists; but if it’s on weekends, you can enjoy gentle pop music to relax your mind. In case you’ve just found out an amazing song but don’t remember its name, just go to your history to figure it out. Jiomusic saves all activities - simple go to “recently heard” to find out what you did. Shared love in music Right from the first days, Jiomusic believes itself to have a mission to help music lovers discover the immense world of music. From comprehensive content to awesome features magnified with high-definition quality, all is in JioMusic. Offline music Jiomusic enables you to download your favourite songs. If you don’t mind your mobile phone storage, then download and enjoy offline whenever you are out of connection. What are you waiting for? - Just bounce To The Best Of Bollywood With Jio Music App. A great deals of awesome features are only in one application. In addition, to make use of JioMusic, it can’t be easier. Here, we would like to give newcomers a detailed instruction. How to download songs on Jiomusic Follow these following steps to save any songs you fall in love with Open Jiomusic application Choose one song and click on the Menu icon Select Download Wait a sec and open it in Offline mode How to play or queue songs First, click on 3 dot icon Scroll down and choose “Play & Queue” options. If you choose to play a song, it will play as soon as you click on it. If you choose queue songs, they will be lined up when you click on them. How to set a customized background theme Make your experiences more interesting in your own style. In theme settings, there are two available options, light and dark. You should choose the light theme when you are outdoors and the sunlight is bright. However, if your phone is about to run out of battery, the dark theme is highly recommended. How to create your own playlists Jiomusic enables you to select any songs and artists to build your loved playlists. Simply click menu icon, come to “create playlist”, and type down its interesting names. Also, you can add a new loved song into that playlists thanks to “Add to playlists”. Broaden your playlist - broaden your relaxing time! Summing it up! In conclusion, music is the essential spice of our life. It not only helps reduce your tension but also boost your brain functions. Spend time listening music daily, and you will feel better than ever. It is even more effective when you can immerse in your favorite songs or genres. No need to waste time on searching for on other websites. All are in Jiomusic. Download it at Top1apk - free apk games and apps for download and play right now.
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