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    These are a set of images we did for a client in the USA. The breathtaking environment was a interesting challenge for us and we decided to work with a full 3d scene. Software: Cinema 4d + Vray 3.4, SurfaceSpread and little Photoshop only for contrast and color tone.
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    These are some images we did for Architectural Visualization Workshop with Bauclassroom. Images are mostly 3d, about 90% and 10% post, except for winter snow one that is about 70% 3d. We used as always Cinema 4d + Vray and surfacespread for vegetation.
  3. Grazie, nebbia 50% 3d e 50% matte painting..!
  4. Grazie mille..!! Non demoralizzarti e continua a lavorare con impegno..!! ;-) Dai un'occhiata ai nostri corsi, ripartiamo a fine settembre: www.bauclassroom.com
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    These are some images we did for this house in Portugal. We used Cinema 4d + Vray, SurfaceSPREAD for vegetation clones and a little of Photoshop.
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