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My name is Marcello Ganzerli and I am currently working in my own graphic studio in Modena. 
In 1995 after graduating from high school, I.T.I.S.F.Corni in Modena, I worked as a mechanical designer for different technical companies. In my job I developed a strong passion for CAD 3D softwares and in 2000 I also attended classes on Autodesk 3DSMax.
In 2001 I started my own graphic company (Studio Libra) working in particular with mechanical and biomedical split and exploded images.
In 2003 I used a 3D Dimension Stratasys printer to print details of biomedical components and surgery tools with ABS material in 5:1 scale. I also attended photography classes to enhance the quality of the images and to use rendering engines for physical phenomena.
In 2005 I created mechanical simulations and architectural emotional videos for some ceramic industries in Sassuolo (MO). I collaborated with local illustrators to develop storyboards and scripts for my projects. I also further my digital-sculpting skills and created my first characters and rigging on the illustrators’ T-pose in 2011.
In 2014 I created a motion pictures for a client with basic animation concepts and rigging. I also created some apps in augmented reality with some 3D models (www.tredimage.it).
Since 2006 I have taught classes on CAD and 3D softwares at the Adult Education Institute CERFORM - ECAP – ISCOM.
My passion for 3D images and graphic is accompanied by a passion for music. I play the drums, percussions and the guitar. I listen to any kind of music that can give me energy and emotions and I believe that music is crucial for my projects. 
My job is my passion (which is not always a good thing!) and I spend days and nights on my projects, drinking too much coffee. I am constantly looking for the best way to convey emotions through my images.
My mottos are:
“UTOPIA and dreams are the mother and father of all revolutions”
“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”

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