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  1. Dear Dave , Thank you very much, we are really glad to receive your message of choice Best Of Treddi.com. Thanks for taking the time to share and create forums for artists like us. Best wishes, Luong (from natrang)
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    Hallo, After New Year's Eve. Returning to the room with loneliness. Archviz : natrangdesign SW : 3dsmax, corona-render , ps behance.net/natrangdesign
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    Hallo, Our images are recent. Inspired by snow, winter and Happy New Year 2018. Architects : Omar Gandhi Gusde Wastubali Location : Louisdale , Canada Archviz : natrangdesign SW : 3dsmax, Corona-renderer, ps
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    Hallo , Our recent images. Wishing everyone a happy Christmas holiday ! Archviz : natrangdesign SW : 3dsmax, corona-renderer , ps
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    Hallo, Recent images of our studio. The purpose is to create images with more realistic details. Inspiration is taken from the internet. SW : 3dsmax, coronarenderer , ps Bedroom : Bathroom :
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    Hallo, Recent images of our office. Project: Dune House Architects : JVA , Location : England Full CGI: natrangdesign SW : 3dsmax2016, forest-pack , Render Corona, Photoshop. Hope you like it, welcome the comments: D https://www.behance.net/gallery/55003775/Dune-House
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    Hallo, Personal project that I just finished. Appreciate the comments! 3dsmax, vray, photoshop. The image is not displayed 360 degrees directly here so you can see it in the link : http://sky.easypano.com/panoramic-images/natrangdesign-ex-68008.html
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    Ciao , Recent projects my personal with Corona. Thanks for watching and welcome comments !
  9. Sorry the article fails. Help me remove it.
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    Hi everyone, this is a personal project that I just finished. Look forward to your comments. 3dsmax2014 , vray3.2 , PS . Welcome : http://natrangdesign.com/bs-residence/ http://natrangdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/natrangdesign-023-living-2048.jpg
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