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    株式会社セガゲームス/SEGA メガドライブ/GENESIS セガ・マスターシステム/MS We have created a small tribute to celebrate Sega and his Mega Drive's 30th anniversary with some cult games for this machine and his little brother Master System. All renders all full CGI with no post-production with some wireframes. Sega hold a special place in our hearts. Come al solito se avete voglia date un occhiata alla nostra pagina Youtube, Behance & Instagram. Buon render a tutti.
  2. Hi madmatt thank you, it's done with 3ds Max and Octane Render 2, bye
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    Per festeggiare l'arrivo delle ferie, abbiamo creato un piccolo tributo al grande red devil Neo Geo MVS. Il cabinato che durante le calde estati degli anni 90, ci ha regalato infinite emozioni. Kof94, Street Hoop, Metal Slug, Art of Fighting, Windjammers ... sono solo alcuni dei mitici titoli sfornati per questa macchina. Renderings in full CGI. Buone vacanze a tutti da Yaya Visuals. N未来 Eは今 Oです MVS 1 つのキャビネットに六つの異なるカートリッジ Se avete voglia date un occhiata alla nostra nuova pagina instagram
  4. At the moment, as old udk users, we only produce with ue4 but if we'll produce with cryengine, I will happy to publish the works. Do you use ue4?
  5. No, I followed his projects a bit but I have never tested the gpu bake, we work on render farms, sometimes with cloud, also ue4, cryengine, unity etc.. have already pretty solid and fast engines for the amount of work, so I never felt the need, but it seems promising.
  6. Thank you very much for your comment, I am very pleased. Unfortunately our projects are all intended for commercial sales but above all for virtual reality, so, as you know, we have absolutely no freedom. For this reason, in order not to scare our customers, we don't use any studio technique, neither for post-production, neither for lighting. No we don't use any kind of plugins in our pipeline, just traditional hand-made video game development techniques, even the materials. If you mean a master material for the whole scene, absolutely not. Chromium is a simple material with metalness 1, really simple, even reflections, maybe what makes you believe that there is something special is the amount of objects reflected. Thanks for your comment, cheers
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    Progetto commerciale creato su 3ds Max Se incuriositi, potete scaricare la demo gratuita di questa immagine ad uso personale in VR 360 per i visori Samsung Gear VR e Cardboard sul nostro sito www.yayavisuals.com
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    Commercial real-time project made in Unreal Engine 4 Free download at: https://www.yayavisuals.com/industrial-loft-apartment For others projects visit our website http://www.yayavisuals.com
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    Commercial project made in 3ds Max For others projects visit our website : http://www.yayavisuals.com
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