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    Visualization and Interior Design 3D model + Render. with Cinema4D+Corona Renderer
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    Tropical Blue Living - 3D Modeling and Render Cinema4D+Corona Renderer
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    Indoor Sunset ? 3D Model & Render Personal project
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    Living Set Up - Modellazione 3D e Render - CGI - ???- Progetto personale C4D+Corona Renderer
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    Personal project Surreal Art C4D - Corona Renderer - Photoshop Instagram: @ebontheclouds
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    Personal Project Abstract Art Cinema4D - Corona Renderer - Lightroom Instagram:@ebontheclouds
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    Personal Project Abstract Art First attempt to make clouds with Cinema4D + Corona Renderer Instagram: @ebontheclouds
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    Personal Project Abstract Art Cinema4D - Corona Renderer - Lightroom Instagram: @ebontheclouds
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    Personal project for a private house among the hills between Cesena and Rimini, Italy. A monolith on two floors, partially embedded into the hills. The living area is located on the first floor, corresponding to the entrance and at the street level, and the sleeping area on the ground floor, in a more sheltered and protected position integrating itself in the natural slope of the hill. In the living area, large glass surfaces want to emphasize a total opening towards the surrounding landscape. Tasks: Architecture Project; Interior Design; 3D modelling; Cinema4D; Vray; Lightroom. http://www
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    The project can be described briefly with two apartments become one. The architect who conceived the idea of the project is Stefano Zaghini with whom I work and for whom I make renderings. The inspiration behind the project is the concept of the beach house. The apartment is located in Rimini, a city on the Adriatic Sea in Italy, from the inside you can enjoy the view of the coast. The interior is dominated by shades of white, creating linear spaces but not cold and static, suitable for use in an informal manner. Customer need was to combine two apartments at the same level in a building of th
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