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  1. awesome!! perfect surroundings! that makes me want to live there! :Clap03:
  2. so cool!! congrats!! a really good illumination and texturing!
  3. it's a really good work!! Congrats!
  4. congrats! a really good portfolio!! and congratulation for a #Bestof2015
  5. hi guys! this is a really good job! great texturing and illumination! i like too much blankets! this work is completely different from the others in your portfolio .... why? Anyway congratulations again for this great result!
  6. Congrats for this monumetal work!! impressive! Congrats!
  7. superb results!! congrats!! Awesome Vegetation! :Clap03: Visual Interior with really good illumintation!
  8. bad illumination! do you forgot AO? and.....the pic composition is really really messy..... but I really like the blanket on the lacquered?!?! couch there is much room for improvement!
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