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    This is my second entry for the D2 Challenge "Hugh Ferriss + Droquis" and it's inspired by the stunning work of Hugh Ferriss. Enjoy! :) Title: Strangers Software used: 3dsmax - Corona - Photoshop
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    This is my first entry for the D2 Challenge "Hugh Ferriss + Droquis" and it's inspired by the stunning work of Hugh Ferriss. Enjoy! :) Title: The Match Software used: 3dsmax - Corona - Photoshop
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    This is the image I made for Fabio Palvelli's 5th render challenge "the thing" - I't's an homage to the extraordinary Vamsi Krishna Vemuri who made the actual "thing" along with other amazing works. I decided to recreate the room of the Temple of Dendur at the MET Museum in New York City in 3D, I've been there a couple of years ago and it really struck me with its beauty - what a better place to have an exhibition of Vamsi's work? Enjoy :) Software used: 3dsmax - Corona - Photoshop
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    Hello everyone! I finally had a little bit of time to work on another personal project (!!!) Ages ago, I found on Pinterest a pretty cool photo of Porto, and I kept it into my inspirations folder ever since. Every now and then I would go back to that image and every single time it would strike me how beautiful the composition, the colours, and the light were. Because I liked it a lot, I started thinking about how cool it would have been to recreate the image in 3D to see if I could get a similar result to the original photo. This was a completely new approach for me and it turned out
  5. Hai pienamente ragione, avessi avut un po' piu' tempo a disposizione avrei sicuramente cercato di migliorare molti di questi aspetti Se dovessi dire la cosa principale che se potessi correggerei e' l'illuminazione della ragazza in luce che purtroppo e' stata scattata in una giornata nuvolosa senza sole diretto.... aevo le modelle a disposizione per mezza giornata e basta e purtroppo abbiamo dovuto fare con quello che potevamo haha
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    Image produced for the poster of "Harbor" a theatre play by Tony Award nominee Chad Beguelin
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    Image produced for the marketing campaign of the book Great Talks About Photorealism
  8. Hahahaha fantastico, grazie Filippo apprezzo moltissimo specialmente il boia de
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