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  1. Yes Matricola. Indeed, we had some problems with the GI on the interior, but since it was a competition on a tight schedule, we weren't able to raise the subdivs, since it would also raise the render time.
  2. Our first project ever, we did this project back in April of 2014. It was a rehabilitation and redecoration of a floor, on an existing Hotel in Faro, Portugal. Decoration by Sofia Andrez Interiores. 3D Visualization by Okdraw. Posted 2 months ago
  3. A work done in January of 2014 for Granja Architects: House in Relógio st., Oporto, Portugal.
  4. A project done by Fpoetics to participate on a competition, on March of 2013.
  5. This was mostly an interior project for a client that wanted an open space. With the interior design done by the designer Pedro Teixeira.
  6. One older project that was made in mid 2014 to Benguela in Angola. architecture by Bruno Costa, Hugo Ferreira, NMS arquitectura. 3d vizualisation by Okdraw.
  7. We present you with: ” The Museum”! Okdraw did not exist when Ronen Bekerman made this challenge, but we decided to try our luck with the same 3D model in another program.
  8. Our last work for the “Águas do Porto” rehabilitation competition, by the architecture studio “A.A.R.P.”. Congratulations for their first place in the competition. The aim was to make three 3D images that could demonstrate the final rehabilitation and architecture work done by “A.A.R.P.” studio, using some of the existent infrastructure and public space.
  9. Our last project for 2014. Architecture by Granja Arquitectos 3D Visualization by Okdraw.
  10. Okdraw


    This is a personal project we did for the promotion of our new website. http://WWW.OKDRAW.NET
  11. These are our renders for the Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition. Architecture by Moura Martins Arq. 3D renders by Okdraw
  12. Okdraw

    MF House

    A vacation house located in Marco Canaveses, Portugal. Architecture by Hugo Ferreira Arquitecto and NMS arquitectura.