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    Hi everyone! Even this year we were able to make the Christmas image. It's called Christmas in Milan. It' s a tribute to our city during this period of the year. We hope you can spend the holidays with your loved ones. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all.🥰 Level archiviz team
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    Hi guys. We chose this winter mood to represent this new residential project by Calzoni Architetti studio, in Milan. We have made these images at three different hours of the day. We hope you like them
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    Hi guys, here's some new images we've done for the studio Andrea Maffei Architects in Milan. This is the proposal for the competition of the new port of Palermo. Check out also our instagram and facebook profiles ;)
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    Every time we create an image, we use memories or lived experiences. At the last post-production course we heald at VIFX - School of Visual Effects, we had fun making this image, the result of one of our last trips to Lapland. We did not see the Northern Lights, but we would have liked it Soon we will also put the gif, in that way you will can see step by step the creation of the image. Level Archiviz team
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    Some new images we've done for Wip - Work in Progress. This is a new office headquarters in Odessa_Ukraine. We had fun to see the different effect of the same picture during the day or night. Which one do you prefere? ;) http://www.levelarchiviz.it Level Archiviz team
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    Hi Guys, this is our Last Work. Finaly we have enogh time to make this images insipired by an amazing project by UNarquitectura, ‘Casa Quebrada en Chile’. We loved immediately how the house was immerse in the nature, and we tried to recreate the same atmosphere. It was quite a challenge to make them. We hope you like it https://www.facebook.com/Levelarchiviz www.levelarchiviz.it Level Archiviz team
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    Ciao a tutti! Come ogni anno, abbiamo cercato di trasmettere i nostri sentimenti natalizi attraverso un'immagine. Una giovane coppia di innamorati che fugge dal trambusto della città per cercare rifugio in una foresta tranquilla e pacifica. Non potevamo pensare a un posto migliore per scambiare doni, sotto un cielo stellato, con il proprio amante. Speriamo che vi piaccia e buon Natale a tutti! Project: Christmas by Level Archiviz Software: 3dsMax, Vray, Ps https://www.facebook.com/Levelarchiviz
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    New Visualization for MC A_Mario Cucinella Architects. Primary school – Monreale.
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    The project of Arch. Cattani, appears in a holiday chalet, while keeping the characteristics of an old chalet, it is brought into the present.
  10. @grafico3DStudioMax ho usato un mattone modellato, scusa non mi ero spiegato bene
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