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    Visualization for "DublDom" which decided to get involved in an interesting project. It was necessary to make visualization-huts at home to participate in the international competition under the auspices of Community Forests International (the official website of the contest). The essence of the contest, at first glance, is simple: in the Canadian woods designed campus. It includes a variety of buildings, including eco-huts. This is a very compact timber houses without facilities, which are, in fact, a roof over your head, a place to camp, rest, reflection alone with nature for students and other pedestrians. Visualization is such a forest lodge, we had to do. And the house project at the customer at the time was not yet. This economical cabin area of ​​14 squares architect Ivan Ovchinnikov developed specifically for the contest.
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    Now there is a large-scale construction of the subway and offers a lot of different stations. And that is very good, sometimes hold contests on what will look like the new station. Therefore, all wishing to professional companies have the opportunity to become the authors of those critical object, because the Moscow Metro uses 8 million people a day. Our customers Sergey Estrin Architectural Studio participated in the recent competition for the development of architecture and design station "Terehovо".
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    Our new project visualization neighborhood Tomilino. The purpose of the project - to create a district in Economy Class on Wednesday, corresponding to modern principles of town and country planning, a comfortable life. We were glad to make the visualization of the project as an example of a unique approach builder - they pay attention not only on the amount of money they earn by selling all the apartments, but the fact to create a comfortable and modern environment for the residents in the neighborhood. And, quite incredibly, we did it with a team of "urban projects", which tried to apply all the European knowledge about the formation of the human environment diverse residential neighborhood, convenient, interesting and enjoyable for all ages, not just for children and the owners of the machines. We hope that the project of improvement area "Tomilino" from "urban design" comes to the implementation stage in a similar way.
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    I want to share a new project that has brought us to first place at the international competition. Rendered in a new format for us - real-time presentation. All completely made in Unreal Engine 4 for 2 months. Project Title Winecycle - word play cycle "production cycle of wine" and "bike". We looked at a lot of examples, while inventing the building and surroundings. The project would like to old and new. Thus was born the skeleton of an abandoned building of the old church, which was reconstructed and rebuilt in the winery, having completed around a modern shell. A new feature of the building remains associated with the old, in fact, as we know, the monks often produce wine, also very tasty. The winery is on the lake, on the one hand the winery surrounds a rocky mountain, and in the other two parties to continue the endless vineyards. Almost all models are imported from 3dmaks. The hardest part was that to import the skeleton of the building I needed a day to import a glass and a plate - just needed a day. More information and all the pictures on the link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/30071731/Architectural-Visualisation-Challenge-The-Vineyard
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    Recently, we have been doing for the visualization of digital bakery that participated in the contest for the volumetric-planning decision of the government of historical and cultural complex of the former castle of the Order of Koenigsberg in Kaliningrad. The competition was part of a series of programs to restore and revitalize Kaliningrad.
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    Visualization for the contest of the project to develop the concept of the pavilion at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of Atomic Energy of the architectural studio of Sergei Estrin. Competition suit company "Rosatom". We undertook this project to visualize the Sergei Estrin with particular passion, we always like competitions. The complexity of this project was to apply a very specific architectural task: "The basis of the Pavilion - a large model of the atom, encased in a transparent sphere, shown just how unequivocal and unquestionable symbol of the nuclear industry."
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    In our new project of visualization we again worked with our colleagues from the Tarkett company - one of world leaders in production and sale of floor coverings. This time we visualized a set of different rooms from number of a drawing room to hospital. Almost absolute freedom in a choice of design allowed us to work quietly on projects, without limiting itself to a framework it was possible to find time for small details, there is a wish to choose what such color to you, such furniture which you wanted to see on the visualization long ago. The general at pictures only a gray floor (textures of coverings will have to be substituted programmatically on the site). a foreshortening and specially put light as all visualization are made for the catalog of floors. Public rooms in the future it will be possible to look at all visualization in the http://idesigner .tarkett.ru/service and to experiment with a color.
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    At office of "Rosatom" practically all elements were projected to order. Non-standard furniture - big modular tables and sofas, the displayed amphitheater in a hall, live trees in office. By the way, this reception always causes many questions - for this purpose use a special look: the special stabilized trees, they don't demand leaving and watering, but thus they aren't artificial. Though the stabilized don't dump foliage, we scattered 3d foliage on office on those to a task to create bigger feeling of work among the nature.
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    We visualized the concept of housing and public development of the Riga cargo yard. It is the huge area and works on this project too was much, but it was interesting. We made 2 options of building, squares, buildings, office buildings, parks. We very much hope that this concept will be realized
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    Hi guys, I want show my personal project. It's house with big history, you can read about it here http://archirost.til...mfinbuildingeng i hope you like it) This project 3D-reconstruction of one of the legendary buildings of the Soviet avant-garde architecture - Narkomfin on Novinsky Boulevard in Moscow. This house is an architectural monument of constructivism, but not only because of the time of construction (1930) and forms. The architect Moses Ginsburg designed the new way of life - the life of a labor commune - where more time was devoted to work, and less - household routine. It was a very ambitious project that was ahead of its time for 100 years. At that time people were not ready for this level of collectivism, now - you can call it a multi-functional complex of two-level apartments. Initially, this project included two stages of construction, but only the first one was built. I modeled the whole complex of buildings in 3D - reconstructed the existing part as it was designed by architect, showed unrealized second turn, added a modern landscape design and paving. Now it is a residential and office building, even my friends rented an apartment there, there is a yoga center and a rooftop cafe. Owners wanted to reconstruct the house, but the project does not move for many years. I wanted to show how this whole monument of architecture in the modern world might look like, if it was built. Join us on https://www.facebook...chirost?_rdrfor freebies and downloads! My blog http://www.archirost.com/
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    This project is a modern residential complex favorably with similar neighborhoods careful attention to detail and future residents. Multilevel parking made on modern European counterparts - with intuitive navigation and bright prints on the walls. Entrance groups are tiled and artificial stone, with bright spotlights and brass letters poems on the walls
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    The new project visualization complex - microcity "Your Forest" - a new project for Russia format housing, in which all the advantages of living in the city, combined with the advantages of a quiet and measured suburban life.
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    The new project is part of a larger project in which we visualize interiors for advertising flooring. This part of visualization especially liked and we decided to develop this theme separately. Visualization café done in the style loft. Industrial interior features. Masonry, pipes and rough plaster. The combination of old and new in the interior.
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    Classical American style of an interior what is it? As visualization of a bedroom in this style has to look? What it has to be? These questions were raised before us by our new project.
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    You dreamed about sea travel, about the soothing sounds of the waves? Our new project embodies this dream in reality, the house on the water. The beauty of this house is that you can buy him and use in large cities and in small village, where there is a body of water. Small, cozy corner of your personal tranquility. On imaging, we wanted to show nice and warm evening in which so would like to be. A small price and mobility making it an attractive , if you've always wanted to have your own boat, but finances are not allowed, this project is just for you. The house that will make your dream come true . https://www.behance.net/gallery/23950245/Houseboat
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    Project for the architect Sergei Nepomnyastchy - "Heavenly Gardens", which is a continuation of the Moscow City towards a multifunctional ultra-dense development.
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    Commercial project Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. We made one shot, and when we send it our client we decided make autumns and winters mood in photoshop. i hope you like it. Software : 3dmax 2014, vray,ps 5 other pics: http://www.archirost.com/2014/10/blog-post.html FB page: https://www.facebook.com/vizarchirost
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