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  1. Lucas3dnet


    This is our internal project that was modeled in 3ds max and rendered using VrayRT (two gtx 1070).
  2. Lucas3dnet

    Swiss Interior

    Additionally we created a panorama. Here is the link on :
  3. Lucas3dnet

    Swiss Interior

    Here is one of our projects that we did for a Swiss client. The top floor of a apartment building. My goal was to create a believable lighting for this interior. Let me know your thoughts Cheers Lukas
  4. Lucas3dnet

    Ice Cream Cake

    yes ! thanks D@ve ! You made my day !
  5. Lucas3dnet

    Ice Cream Cake

    Thank you very much for featuring my work on the front page! I'm very happy that you like my work ! You are welcome D@ve!
  6. Lucas3dnet

    Ice Cream Cake

    Greetings everybody ! I would like to show you something I've been doing for the last 3 days. It is a ice cream cake. It was really hard ... I was constantly hungry and it was a torture ... I took the idea from a picture I've found on the internet and added a couple of details from me. Everything was modeled from scratch, every dust particle, coconut particles and cocoa flakes were modeled and placed by hand (partially using mesh painter). So here it is, let me know your thoughts.
  7. Lucas3dnet

    Casa Spodsbjerg

    Sorry for misspelling you name nicolce! Please forgive me.
  8. Lucas3dnet

    Casa Spodsbjerg

    Hi Treddinamite. Thank you, much appreciate your comment. I will experiment in the next ones for sure. Like you've pointed out, there is still much to learn. This was actually the first time where I've done such a concrete wall in a interior rendering so for the next one I need to get a better result with it. As for the dullness I think it adds to the feeling that it is sunday morning and the coffee is about to be ready Like you said it is a suggestion to go more intense with the colors, I will try it for sure, I just had enough of those "rise and shine" kinda renderings... About the aliasing and sampling issue we had a discussion on Corona forum, apparently there is still some work to do with it. Hope with the new version there will be no issues with it. you are welcome Treddinamite! Ciao.
  9. Lucas3dnet

    Casa Spodsbjerg

    Thank you davide p! I wanted to share the HDRi I've used for lighting the scene. It is one of my oldest ones but I think you can still put it in good use Here is the link : Join me also on Facebook :
  10. Lucas3dnet

    Casa Spodsbjerg

    also here is a zoom showing some of the stone details.
  11. Lucas3dnet

    Casa Spodsbjerg

    Greetings ! Here I would like to show you a project I did lately. My plan was to create a bunch of pictures where I could test out the possibilities of Corona render in production environment. Meaning, how difficult would it be to do stuff, quickly and efficiently. The test shown that Corona is a very good rendering tool and that I will use it for my own projects from now on. Please take a look at what I've done and let me know your thoughts. Regards Lucas
  12. Lucas3dnet

    White Room

    Hello There! This is my first post here, so I would like to inroduce myself. My name is Lucas Sztukowski, I'm a freelancer and I've decided to share some of my work with you to get opinion on my work by you the proffesionals. Here is something we have done lately to test out Corona Renderer in action. Simple scene showing some fancy furniture. Hope you will like it. Thanks Lucas