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  1. MoMaZa

    Evoque Economy Technologies Film

    Hi guys This is one of My latest works that i Worked on with INK Digital Workshop London to produce this full CG film , the film were made for the Geneva Motor Show ,i was responsible for the lighting and shading Copyrights 2016 INK Digital Workshop London & FP Creative I Hope you Enjoy it regards Mostafa Zaki
  2. MoMaZa

    BMW Sheer Driving Pleasure

    hi here a little thing i have been working on it and i would love to share it with you guys modeling and shading by me 3dsmax , vray , after effects regards Mostafa Zaki Http://
  3. MoMaZa

    Mercedes GLA 2015

    thanks alot Lelio i'm very glad you like it , and big thanks for this advice man, i totally agree with you about this points , i had a deadline to finish this shots, and you know man if you don't deliver things before the deadline clients will cut your neck, but for a personal purpose i will have to get back for sure to this shots to fix little things i add some new shots to my website so check them guys here also a couple of new studio shots regards Mostafa Zaki Http://
  4. MoMaZa

    Mercedes GLA 2015

    Nebaquila thanks man , i used Vray engine for rendering for the lighting i had to make the HDR dome very neat to the backplates by fixing the HDR dome Contrast and colors , then add my own lights to get a nice specular pass then composite them inside after effects
  5. MoMaZa

    Mercedes GLA 2015

    a couple of CGI shots i did for the new gla from mercedes-benz modeling and shading by me regards