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  1. Rudamas Lobby

    The identity and function of a lobby space often influence a visitor's first impression upon entering a building. It’s the case of Rudamas Lobby, located in Beirut, Lebanon, which offers a contemporary interior that is not only aesthetically well-designed, but that is also carefully planned, exploring the space in various levels while making an invitation for the entry: “Welcome to Rudamas”. Design Architect by Domaine Public Architects. Software: 3D Studio Max, V-Ray and Photoshop. Follow usvisit For more info: For more info:
  2. VOID_Memorial CE

    VOID Not occupied; unfilled. Lack of matter. An empty space. For us a peaceful and symbolic place to honor designed by Talmon Biran architecture studio for the Canterbury Earthquake Memorial Competition. Software: 3D Studio Max, V-Ray and Photoshop. For more info:

    The Zalka Apartment, located in Beirut, Lebanon give us a good and confort feeling perspective that makes us want to live in this apartment, combining the strong and warm light, enhanced by the commitment between the marble floor and the wood walls, with the interior completely furnished with refinement and functionality. Design Architect by Domaine Public Architects. Software: 3D Studio Max, V-Ray and Photoshop. Follow usvisit For more info: For more info:
  4. We just came back. The CER project by PAGE Architectes SA for a school competition in Switzerland is located in an urban development context, where the building seeks to demonstrate the serenity and quiet in a regular cold morning covered by snow. It was very interesting to achieve the warm mood and lighting that they were looking for and a certain kind of extension made between the environment and the building itself. Well, it's cold outside! Software: 3D Studio Max, V-Ray, Forest Pack and Photoshop. For more infovisit For more info: For more info: http://PAGE Architectes SA_CER_view 2 by LS_ROOM, on Flickr PAGE Architectes SA_CER_view 1 by LS_ROOM, on Flickr
  5. OMA_casa da musica

    Hi everyone, Let us go back to show you something. This isn’t a requested work, or aspires to be a "new" project. Developed by OMA and reinterpreted by us, the Casa da Música it’s mainly a previous exercise, where we seek to explore a register, an identity in what we produce. We were more interested in questioning the "object" and the "place". And if, for a few moments, we put it somewhere else? Software: Photoshop Follow our work at:

    Axis Viana Hotel represents one of our newest works where the main idea was to share two different approaches: photorealistic and conceptual. For the photorealistic views we used the two well-know references of the project and tried to reproduce them 100% equal to achieve the most precise and accurate result possible. On the other hand, the three conceptual views are focused in creating a personal vision of the building in a post-apocalyptic future, with all the environment and time consuming that this scenario may be represented. Architecture developed by VHM. Photographic references (view 1 and 2) by Nelson Garrido. Software: 3D Studio Max, V-Ray, Forest Pack and Photoshop. And there is more to come at: https://www.facebook...6240849?fref=ts