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  1. no coments, it's very very VERY perfect =)
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    Hello , thank you very much Thank for coments =) I believe that the light of the moon, together with others lights occulted of the vision, could yes provoke a similar light. But I think that can have exaggerated. The light in interior this having shadow..........but this occult for the others lights of interior ambient.......... Thanks....... Thank you Thank man =) :D Thank you Thanks man hahahaha the police wanted me Thanks Thanks :D thank you Ow 5 stars ? ahahha thank you thank very much... thanks all coments, and thank to stars
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    Hello friends, after the a long time, i'm return it's my last work.... it's finished, but yours commentaries are welcome
  4. Hi, I like scene, the great composition But some shaders could improve The T.V. and floor, Some reflections =) Bye
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    Hi man, hehe the reflections it's one of the my problems bye Hi man, i look the topic of the link, Of course will participate =) It's one great topic, thank that reference to my work =) Thanks, bye heheheheh......The wax hahahaha I don't understand , others processing on light reflection? Bye hahahaah....Thanks man Thanks man =) Download the textures? try www.mayang.com Bye,/ Thanks to all coments
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    Thanks Miss Laura Hello friend, ooow, well I go try searching the file here in my house, But I don't know if really this here Bye and thanks Hi, it's really, the shader (and deformation mesh) it's terrible ahahahah thanks Thanks man, Thank you hehehe Thanks, i don't make exterior scene great job in mental ray hahaahah Ow, really =( Thanks man =) Thanks for all comennts =)=)
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    Thanks man ! =) heheheh scanlineman hahaaha thanks, It's really, lights doesn't exist in the part of brings of the scene Bye =) Thanks Ow, yes, 15 minutes, the scanline make money =) hahahaha.... time it's money in the Architetural 3D =) But, i also like other's, mental ray, vray, brazil..... Thanks , bye =) Used Photometric lights and Standard lights =) thanks, bye Thanks man ________________- Hi friends, thank's to all comment's, The wireframe here http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v173/lim...restaurante.jpg byeee
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    AHAHHAHAHAHAHA Finally..... I add The pictures in P.p. Smart Eyes man =)
  9. Cool, my coments go to Sky, a bit dark but good work Bye
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    Hi, thanks man, really, the scanline it's very fast =) The settings i show tonight , ok ? I'm work now..... bye Thanks man =) Bye friends
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    Hi man, thank's my english it's very TERRIBLE Bye
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    Hi, thank's to coment's man, but it's true, the shadows are very soft, =( the reflections i like Thank's
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    Hello, now my last work in mental ray 3.4 MAX8 C's welcome!! Bye
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    Hi again friends It's my last work , again i used scanline Fake , 3dsmax8 Render time: 15 minuts 3000px C'c are welcome!!! Bye
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