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  1. no coments, it's very very VERY perfect =)
  2. underline

    The Apartment

    Hello , thank you very much Thank for coments =) I believe that the light of the moon, together with others lights occulted of the vision, could yes provoke a similar light. But I think that can have exaggerated. The light in interior this having shadow..........but this occult for the others lights of interior ambient.......... Thanks....... Thank you Thank man =) :D Thank you Thanks man hahahaha the police wanted me Thanks Thanks :D thank you Ow 5 stars ? ahahha thank you thank very much... thanks all coments, and thank to stars
  3. underline

    The Apartment

    Hello friends, after the a long time, i'm return it's my last work.... it's finished, but yours commentaries are welcome
  4. Hi, I like scene, the great composition But some shaders could improve The T.V. and floor, Some reflections =) Bye
  5. Hi man, hehe the reflections it's one of the my problems bye Hi man, i look the topic of the link, Of course will participate =) It's one great topic, thank that reference to my work =) Thanks, bye heheheheh......The wax hahahaha I don't understand , others processing on light reflection? Bye hahahaah....Thanks man Thanks man =) Download the textures? try Bye,/ Thanks to all coments
  6. Thanks Miss Laura Hello friend, ooow, well I go try searching the file here in my house, But I don't know if really this here Bye and thanks Hi, it's really, the shader (and deformation mesh) it's terrible ahahahah thanks Thanks man, Thank you hehehe Thanks, i don't make exterior scene great job in mental ray hahaahah Ow, really =( Thanks man =) Thanks for all comennts =)=)
  7. Thanks man ! =) heheheh scanlineman hahaaha thanks, It's really, lights doesn't exist in the part of brings of the scene Bye =) Thanks Ow, yes, 15 minutes, the scanline make money =) hahahaha.... time it's money in the Architetural 3D =) But, i also like other's, mental ray, vray, brazil..... Thanks , bye =) Used Photometric lights and Standard lights =) thanks, bye Thanks man ________________- Hi friends, thank's to all comment's, The wireframe here byeee
  8. AHAHHAHAHAHAHA Finally..... I add The pictures in P.p. Smart Eyes man =)
  9. Cool, my coments go to Sky, a bit dark but good work Bye
  10. Hi, thanks man, really, the scanline it's very fast =) The settings i show tonight , ok ? I'm work now..... bye Thanks man =) Bye friends
  11. Hi man, thank's my english it's very TERRIBLE Bye
  12. Hi, thank's to coment's man, but it's true, the shadows are very soft, =( the reflections i like Thank's
  13. underline

    Mental Ray House

    Hello, now my last work in mental ray 3.4 MAX8 C's welcome!! Bye
  14. underline

    Kitchen Company

    Hi again friends It's my last work , again i used scanline Fake , 3dsmax8 Render time: 15 minuts 3000px C'c are welcome!!! Bye