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  1. The heels do have to normal size, the dress I don't like either. The colors of the heels and the bra I did in post to increase the intention so the focus would be on them. Maybe to much... The back wall in only texture with a very low displace. (the whole scene.)
  2. thanks! We had them too as kid. I still have that bumblebee toy what you see in the DoF
  3. Hi I used Vray dome light with a HDRI from P.Guthrie. I always use extra vray rect. lights to boost the light for interiors. I tried portal but I`m not to happy with the control I want.. I is different per image. I have 4 different exterior setups and around 8 light setups for the interior renders. I believe in custom light setup per image and not 1 general setup. That also counts for the render settings..
  4. thumb
    An inbetween project that I did last month.
  5. thumb
    A project I finished in March 2014. Interior and exterior and detail renders. I made in total 15 render for this project.
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