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(3dsMax Script) - IOR - Index Refraction 0.6

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Che riguarda questo file

Simple, harmless and silly script which allows you to view data of index refraction or IOR in the listbox

Additional Info:

Run Script normally: ToolsBar > MaxScript > RunScript...

Little explanation:

With button "Path Folder" you choose the folder "IOR" (attached with the script) in any directory you want. Note: DON'T change the name of folder!!!

With button "Add IOR value" you open the file .txt where are written the values of IOR. You can here add new string of value and re-save the file. The new value will be added to the list. Note: DON'T change the name of file .txt!!!


I highly recommend you SAVE YOUR WORK before working with IOR


Terms of use:

The use of the script is an "As is". The author assumes no liability with regard to any kind of damage (hardware and software) caused by the use of this script. Are not responsible for any damage or cancellation or modification of the work, files, crash and or any problem in 3dsMax or computer. So if you installed the script,you accept the above conditions and declines any my responsibility.


Tested on 3dsMax 2016 64bit


Version Requirement: 3ds Max 2010 or higher

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