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(3dsMax Script) - Create Quick Wall

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This script allows us to quickly create a wall using the ShapeSpline (linee, text, circle ecc..) Very useful

- Features

-- Support for multiple objects

-- Reverse knots order of selected spline or all "attached" shapes

-- 2 modes: use offset shape and extrude modifier method or combo with extrude and shell modifier which is more flexible solution for sure

-- Created modifiers can be instance or copy

-- Wirecolor option (solid or random color)

-- Option for unique name

-- Extrude props: Segs, Map Coords, Caps

-- Shell props: Segs, Autosmooth, Override Inner - Outher - Edge Mat ID (always use the form "number-number-number" ei. "1-2-3" or "3-2-1" or ...)

-- Auto multimaterial (for edge-shell mode) with tree custom diffuse colors

-- Convert selected shapes to spline shapes

Idea and first release by Michele71. Fix script code and more options by barigazy

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