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(3dsMax Script) Quick Z-Depth (mental ray) 1.0

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About This File

With this useful and simple script, you can create a non-destructive quick map Z-Depth in mental ray.

-- Quick Help :

Pick and Select CameraTarget (optional) : select a camera target in the scene for the render.

The label "target distance (Z Max) suggest the value of max distance Z depth

Z min: the minimum measurement of depth of the map Z (camera)

z Max: the maximum measurement of depth of the map Z (traget)

Preview Z-Depth (active view) : quick preview of the selected view

Preview Z-Depth (aselected camera) : quick preview of the selected camera target

Render VFB (output size): Render the z.depth on the Virtual Frame Buffer with the measure in output size (Tab Rendering)

-- Caution!

For very complex scene, the analysis may take some time



1- Unzip

2- Copy the folder "Michele71_Script"

3- Paste then into your folder Scripts in Max (like "C:\\Autodesk\3dsMax2010\Scripts")

4- Start 3DSMAX and run script "Quick_Z-Depth.ms" inside the folder "Michele71_Script"

5- Go to "Costumize" > "Customize user interface" > "Menus"

6- In "Category" find "Michele71_Tools" and choose "Quick_Z-Depth"

7- Create new menu in list "Menus" and Drag and Drop the new menu in the "Main Menu Bar".

8- Drag and drop "Quick_Z-Depth" in new menu.



for suggestions or other: Medal71@Hotmail.it


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