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Roche_Rock_01 (8kHDR)

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Immagine HDR in formato 4k, 8k e Blurred gentilmente concessa da Mark Curtis.

Il post originale lo trovate a questo url: http://forums.luxolo...spx?f=4&t=80897


These HDR's are free to use for personal and commercial projects. The only restriction I would place on them is that they should not be sold on, either individually or as part of a package of 3D assets. If you do use them in a commercial project, I don't require acknowledgement, although letting me know about the project would be a courtesy.

On the subject of commercial use, some of the images contain shop frontages. These images were taken in a public place, meaning that I have a right to take them, however I'm not familiar with the legal situation regarding their use in commercial work, so please do your own research in this matter if you intend to use them commercially.

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