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Tutorials - Grafica 3D

Blade Tutorial

ChamferZone has released a wonderful tutorial (divided into two parts) long about 3 hours concerning the creating, mapping, baking, and PBR textures of a blade.In the first part Tim Bergholz (Senior 3D Artist at Digital Extremes and in the past at Ubisoft Toronto and Crytek) will accompany us in the...

Discovering Terragen 3

With the recent release of Terragen 4, many will be asked on how this program works and what kind of potential he expresses. Used in many films (X_Men Apocalypse, The Martian, Elysium etc) it reaches the heights of photorealism extraordinary, but it can also be used to create worlds of fantasy and e...

Texturing pipeline tra MARI e ZBrush

The Foundry channel release of a series of video tutorials (15) takes into account when creating textures in Mari in joining with ZBrush. In this historical moment in the 3D world, the interpolation between different software is the keystone to open a very important career path, so as to obtain resu...

3ds Max - Animating a Car on a Path

Autodesk 3ds Max Learning Channel has released a bit of time a nice tutorial (4 videos) on the rigging and animation of a car (based on a path). Very interesting work, and valuable, then, not to be missed!! :)

Grenade Modeling Tutorial

Tutorial of 2 video by ChamferZone ( Tim Bergholz Senior 3D Artist to Ubisoft Toronto), which accompanies us in the creation with 3dsMax2016 of granada with its unwrap, baking and textures in Substancer Painter.Very nice to follow. Good vision! :)

Some Modifiers in 3dsMax

Dusting off some of my small tutorial, I have discovered that I have addressed the analysis of some modifiers in 3dsMax. Sometimes completely unknown, the modifiers are very useful (I would say essential) during the normal workflow of 3dsMax.The video (22) are created with 3dsMax2010 and have alread...

Creating City Blocks in 3dsMax

Autodesk released a serie of 29 tutorials for 3dsMax that, through numerous and necessary steps, shows us how to create tileable city blocks that include roads infrastructure, urban design components and low-poly buildings. You'll learn to use some manual methods, and you also learn to create and us...

Color Grading in Photoshop

This is a very interesting tutorial about how to use protoshop to apply the color grading tecnique to a static image. Even if usually color grading is a tecnique used for movies the effect on an image is awesome!

Create a Wine Glass - Blender Fluid Simulation

CG Geek, presents us with a great video tutorial on how to create a full glass of wine (using the simulation of fluids) in Blender.   "Create a Realistic Wine Simulation in Blender! Learn how to model a wine glass, how to setup a realistic fluid simulation, and how to use the new Cycles Volume Absor...

3D Studio Max custom dirt map from Mari

In the following video I show how  make a custom dirt map in MARI and how to use 3D studio max with vray.   1.Create UV geometry to be exported in MARI 2.Esportare as OBJ 3.Import in MARI 4.Create channel spread with 2 levels - Base level - white color - Upper level - BLACK color brush 4.Create the

Create DNA with PFlow and MaxScript

Hamid Ghanbari, VFX-Artist and Graphic designer with  more than 5 years experience of working in TV channels, shows us how to create a spiral DNA using MaxScript and PFlow. In the first part we will see how to use MaxScript to create the DNA and align it in the right place, while in the second part,...

Fire To Smoke in Cinema 4D

BW Design release a video tutorial of a fire to smoke transition in Cinema 4D using a matchstick model I built. Will cover how to create this simulation using the fuel, burn & density channels in Turbulence FD. After that we'll jump into AE for some quick tweaks on our rendered passes.     The fre...

Acid Effect in Cinema 4D

"In this one we'll learn how to create sticky liquids & wet maps using X-Particles and use them for controlling dynamic emission maps such as smoke with Turbulence FD & changes to our textures"  

Creating a Character Rig in Maya

Autodesk releases a series of tutorials (37 videos for almost 7 hours of vision) for the creation of a Rigging of a character, where it will explain how to create "un'animation-ready character proxy" with typical kinematic characteristics such as, stretch/squash, space switching, knee/elbow snapping...
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