RealIllusion release CrazyTalk Animator2, a program for creating 2D traditional animation with powerful unique tools that allow users to apply 3D movements for characters in 2D.
CrazyTalk Animator2 has everything you need to be able to prepare a project from scratch, both as regards the preview animations for both of those final productions. Facial animation, almost endless creations of the characters, etc. Stage and SFX.
Among the main features are:
Production Environment

•Dockable user interfaces for customized workflows
•3D camera system
•Motion path & simple animation
•Manage your project's export range

Character Creation

•Mix-and-Match character system
•Instant render style
•Single V.S. Multi-dimensional character
•Custom character creation via composer

Motion & Animation

•Adapt dual-angle characters to 3D motions
•Real-time face & body puppteering
•Layer key editor
•Advanced 2D cartoon effects

Stage & SFX

•Prop & scene group management
•Prop composer with parent-child hierarchy
•Instant render style for any scenes
•Mask layers for smart focus 
Until January 13, 2014 there is the opportunity to purchase CrazyTalk Animator 2 at special prices. See HERE to more info relating to the purchase.