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Sapphire 8

Genarts relase Sapphire 8, a plugin suite for video compositing and software editing. New feature include Lightleak, grunge, builder, digitaldamage ... and more!.   For more info, please see:  

3DS Max 2015 Extension 2

Autodesk release 3DS Max 2015 Extension 2 update for customers on subscription.   News features:   - Dual quaternion skinning - Camera sequencer - Templates system - Design workspace - Revit/SketchUp import.   For more info: http://area.autodesk...015-extension-2    

Godot open source game engine 1.0

As the title suggests, is released Godot game engine 1.0 (open source). Godot is an advanced multi-platform game engine 2D / 3D, which contains many tools for applications in real-time. Originally developed by OKAM as proprietary engine, has been used for many games published worldwide. Works with W...

Blend4Web open source

Released Blend4Web, an open source software (perfectly integrated in Blender), which allows you to create browser-based 3D visualizations, presentations, shop online, games and other interactive applications on the Internet.   Some features:material editor supportlighting modelscascaded shadowmapsdy...

XFrog 70% off and 148 free model release 148 free model of plant and flower, as well as 70% discount on their entire product line Xfrog.   For more info: of Year Sale   For the download free plant: of Year Sale

LumenRT 2015.1 update

E-on software release LumenRT 2015.1 software transform your CAD/BIM/GIS designs into nature-filled images, videos and interactive worlds.   New features:Better photometric lighting balance, especially for materials with high reflectances.Ability to move/rotate entire animation paths when not in pat...

Archinteriors for C4D vol. 30

Evermotion released Archinteriors for C4D vol. 30. Collection includes 10 fully textured Scandinavian style interior scenes. Every scene is ready to render with professional shaders and lighting. Scenes are prepared only for VRAYforC4D with Cinema4D. All presented renders are with postproduction. PS...

Thea Render 1.4

Released Thea Render 1.4, rendering engine biased / Unbiased for 3DS Max, Blender, Cinema 4D and Sketchup.   Many innovations, including:   - Improved Interactive Render (Thea Presto) - Displacement Mapping (Thea Presto) - Motion Blur (Thea Presto) - Faster Caustics (Thea Adaptive BSD) - Render Chan...

WrapX 1.0

R3DS release WrapX (previously Wrap). "With WrapX you can create your custom recipe for scan processing and apply that recipe to any number of scans. The recipe can be fully automated or it can ask user to provide some data like select control points etc."   New features:Python APIIntegrated Develop...

Deadline 7

Thinkbox Software release Deadline 7, system for rendering management.   New features:VMX IntegrationExpanded “Jigsaw” Multi-Region RenderingUpgraded Database .New Application Support and ftrack IntegrationEnhanced UISlave Scheduling and Idle DetectionLocal Slave ControlsShared Slave LicensingDraft

Substance Painter 1.1

Allegorithmic release Substance Painter 1.1,  3D Painting app real-time for create texture.   New features:   - Mask by material ID - Copy/Paste of layer stack between materials - Output export to PSD - Lazy Mouse - Angle follow - Backface culling   and more...   For more info: http://www.allegorit....

Krita 2.9 Beta Released

Waiting for the next version of Krita (open source image editor), was launched the first beta release of Krita 2.9. This means that there are no new features in anticipation to the code base, and we focus on a more stable version possible.   Here is a list of all the new features that will be presen...

PlantFactory review

Plant Factory is a plant making tool by E-on Software that allows artists to create plants of all kinds from the smallest grass to the biggest oak trees and everything in between. On you can find a complete review

150 free NoHDRs

NoEmotion (Peter Sanitra and Marek Denko) release 150 free image HDRI. The images are in 15000×7500 resolution   For more info:

Scene City 0.7

Released Scene City 0.7, a commercial plug-in for Blender, which allows the automatic construction of entire cities (city generator). The software has been completely rewritten and now are supported Cycles and Blender internal renderer.     For more info:  

Exocortex suite Open Source

Exocortex announce that Exocortex Crate, the highly popular Alembic suite of tools for 3DS Max, Maya, Softimage, Arnold and Python, is now open source. Also, as of today, we are no longer offering permanent licensing of Exocortex Crate, rather it is free to download, use and modify to your needs.  

Terragen 3.2

The softhouse PlanetSide release Terragen 3.2 software for the real creation of world and terrain. The release of Terragen 3.2 marks our second free update for Terragen 3 users. This release focused largely on improvements to existing features and render quality improvements, but it also brings seve...