Author: Germano Vieira
Title: Morgan 3 Wheeler (an Advertisement for the Morgan Motor Company)
Modeling: 3ds Max Design 2014
Render: iRay
Post Processing: Photoshop

"To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Morgan Motor Company, designers and digital artists were invited to produce a magazine advertisement of the Morgan Motor 3-wheeler. This was an opportunity to act as Art Director for the Morgan Motor Company. Submissions had to include a rendering of the Morgan Motors 3 Wheeler (the dataset was provided on the competition website) generated with either Autodesk® Inventor 2014, Autodesk® Showcase 2014 or Autodesk® 3ds Max Design 2014 (using iray). Everything else (text, logos, graphics, etc.) was up to the creative direction. The winners were announced early May, 2014. The grand prize winner, Germano Vieira, used 3ds Max Design 2014 to render the Morgan 3 Wheeler and Photoshop to edit and create the winning advertisement. We asked him to share with us his creative and technical process."
"Germano Vieira, 35, lives in Oporto, Portugal. Graduated in 2004 in Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of Porto University (FAUP). During the last ten years he has worked as an architect for several architectural firms in Portugal.
Recently, he decided to work as a 3D artist freelance and start with your business (PICSIMstudio) operating in the field of architecture and 3D visualization Design.
Germano introduces us to his Making OF taking us along a beautiful adventure made ​​of shapes, colors and history. So I can only wish you a good read! "
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