Hello Guys, i wanted to share with you the realization of "iron baby" born for the contest "Baby Comics".
Software used:
3ds max, mudbox, photoshop, after effects
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My idea was to make a baby version of Iron Man in a classic room for kids with references to some of the Marvel characters, when converted into puppets, toys and various accessories. The idea was to capture iron baby that, like any child, plays a lot with the imagination and in this case he defends his friends puppet from the puppet baddest that takes on the appearance of the character of Loki.
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For the realization of the project were required more images (and video) of reference, because the armor of Iron Man is very complicated. My first idea was to create a model of iron man, simply because i could use it for another project that I'm making, and especially by the presence of numerous reference and blueprints, only later i could changed the proportions of model with the tools 3d studio max used for the realization.
Chosen reference image, i started modeling iron man starting from helmet. I used a simple plan converted to EDIT POLY to handle vertex and edge.
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In the initial phase of modeling is not necessary to detail every thing or smooth polygons but  make a clean base mesh and with exact proportions. So the simple plan i extruded gradually the edge following the reference. To speed things up, i only worked about half the model, a little help that allows you to have more control in the finishing phase and in the implementation of uv map.Using modifier SIMMETRY you automatically recreate the mirror.
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This modeling process was applied to all components of the model, starting from simple plans or primitives such as cubes and cylinders converted to edit poly and adapted to obtain the basic model, defined by edge loops where necessary. To recreate the thickness of each plan modeled,i used the SHELL modifier of 3dsmax.
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One of the major difficulties in the realization of the armor, was to make the model similar to the movie version, and that is to make the corners or edges of the armor more alive and defined. The technique used for modeling in hard surface is essentially based adding edge to define corners or certain parts of the model, in combination with the modifier TurboSmooth. After completing the modeling i used the FFD 4x4x4 modifier to change the proportions of the model and make it more "baby", head large and disproportionate to the body.This is the end result.
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The next step was that of unwrap the model of iron baby. I used the integrated tools in 3ds max that automatically recreate the uv and then manually change them where necessary. Exported and imported uv template in photoshop, i created the texture with the help of a Wacom graphics tablet. The size of the texture varies from 4096x4096 to 1024x1024 for components with little detail. Below is an example of the texture created on a portion of the helmet.
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After the creation of the textures, i worked on creating a realistic shader studying reference and video iron man. I chose to use a shader vrayblend to manage separately one shader  for the metal, one for the diffuse map, another for dirt, scratches.
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(render preview in vray RT)
I decided to use CAT ,included in 3ds max, starting from CATRig "baseHuman" and changing it to the proportions of iron baby. Completed the rig the next step was skinning and finally the final pose. Regarding the modeling of objects and other elements of the scene, i used the same techniques used previously, using reference searched on the internet and using in the majority of cases the VRayMtl for material. For teddy bear instead was used the V-Ray fur shader with "hair and fur" of 3ds max for to give an aspect more realistic. 
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For the lighting, i used 2 Target directional light to simulate the light coming from the outside of the window and to simulate the artificial light of a lamp in the middle of the room. I finally used the VRayLight for light sources such as TV, the same lamp and light from a window, reactor etc.
For the final render, i generated different pass composited in Adobe After Effects in such a way as to give more or less emphasis to certain effects such as the lights generated by the reactor and eyes ironbaby. I changed the contrast, hue and color balanced according to my preferences. Here  are some pass:
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And here's the final render which took about 16 hours to be completed.
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Thank you all for watching and especially to the staff of
Massimo Ribattezzato
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